I bring nothing to the table

So I logged on WoW last night, and I just sat there in Orgrimmar wondering what to do. Did I feel like PUGging a raid? No not really. How bout doing a Random? Didn’t feel like bothering. I always enjoy killing, how bout Wintergrasp? Another hour and half away.  Hrmph, another Random Battlegroup would be nice?  Meh, just not in the mood.

Perhaps it’s an early sign of burn out? It might be. I could of went on my Pally tanked a random, but same thing just not up to it.

Let’s see what the AH was doing? God horrible for me. I was thinking Netherweave bags sell, how much netherweave drops in Ramparts?….I go into Ramparts and whip it out myself. It’s  not bad in terms of time vs gold. If I was industrious I could DE the blues, and greens, but I’m lazy but they vendor for a pretty good price.  The Runecloth I use to increase my rep with Orgrimmar.  Doing these lower level dungeons is something I don’t mind. I especially love rounding up alot of mobs and creating corpse piles, Mages excel at that stuff.  It’s something I like doing by myself, and just grinding it out. My own little instance, all to myself. I also love when the Dragon comes down, and breathes fire on me, and I scream. “I GOT FIRE SHIELD BITCH!

You ever just draw a blank? You want to play but don’t know quite what to do? Is there something you do by yourself that you enjoy?

So tomorrow Bee is coming around, hopefully she got something worthwhile to say, cause I got nothing for ya. Oh and to answer my own question, how much Netherweave drops in Ramparts, not a whole helluva lot.

2 Responses to “I bring nothing to the table”

  1. Farming mats? Are you crazy? Just farm the AH instead. I used to make gold left and right every day buying and selling. I only use professions when I am leveling up a toon, and find it totally pointless to go out, and farm some stupid mat for hours.

  2. Yep, I had been that way for the past few weeks – I couldn’t sit down and find a game that held my attention. I tried MMOs, single-players, old, new, you name it. (I have a couple blog posts about it if you’re interested) but I finally found something that did – DDO.

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