You think I’m Mean?

Someone on Twitter called me mean, cause I think I mentioned I DE’d something someone wanted last night…..I got a story for you.

Well I been playing a mage a long time now, and back in Vanilla my MC, BWL days we had a tight crew of mages. Well my buddy Raist, (yea one of thee most common mage names Raistlyn, Raist, Rastlin..etc, etc. Thanks to Dragonlance)

Anywho it was in Blackwing Lair, our guild ran DKP, and Netherwind Boots dropped. I needed them badly. Well the Lootmaster didn’t see my bid, and gave them to Raist a mage friend of mine, who had less DKP. No big deal, I didn’t fight, or say anything bad. The mage class lead blew up, but I told him it wasn’t that big of deal.

In fact me and Raist made it a running  joke….He said things like, “Man, these shoes are comfortable.”, or “Don’t these shoes look good on me”

Then a year later, I saw him in person at a guild get together. Raist got on a computer and told me to come there…..In his bank was the pair of Netherwind Boots, he was holding on to them just for me. Just for this day. He DE’d them right in front of me…..In person.

Now he is my hero.

I got my revenge, he got drunk that night, and I wrote PvEness on his back it was supposed to be PvEnis, but I was non too sober either…..

Here’s the Screenshot.

3 Responses to “You think I’m Mean?”

  1. OMG.

    I love this. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    • theerivs Says:

      Yea don’t get drunk around me, I’ll write PvPnis on a body part 😛

      • I want to start a rogue named PVpnis and play battlegrounds all the time with him.

        Why a rogue? I’m not sure. It just seems right.

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