Papers Please!

Ok I know for one that has his name on the blog, and reveals alot about himself on this blog, and has pictures on facebook that belong in a raunchy comedy, or a fetish porno doesn’t seem like I’m too concerned with privacy. I’m not that much. What I’m scared of is what this is all leading too.

So when Blizzard made this announcement, and the whole Real ID thing in general, doesn’t sit well with me. At first Real ID to me didn’t matter but now they are making it so on the Forums your going to have to go to it, if you want to post.

I don’t like it when you HAVE to do something that reveals who you are to the public. I do what I want because I WANT to, but the minute I HAVE to, it irks me.  For instance, the seatbelt law we have in Illinois. It irks the hell out of me, even though I wear a seatbelt like it’s my religon. I tasted windshield before, and just don’t want to again, but the decision should be mine and mine alone. Now they have a law, and they sometimes have checkpoints where the Police check to see if your wearing your seatbelt. It smacks of Nazi Germany to me, really checkpoints, would you like to see my papers as well Mein Fuhrer.

Another issue I have is I play video games to get away from the hustle and bustle of real life, and sometimes I like to log on to my baby pally, and just tank some heroics without anyone bothering me.  If I wanted to be Social, and Chat with my friends I’d be playing Mafia Wars.

This Real ID is becoming a real hydra, you cut off one head, two more emerge. I wasn’t opposed to it at first, but Blizzard is determined to get me to hate the idea.  I just don’t know where this is all going to end up. Is there privacy in this world, or is that an illusion that is quickly disappearing.

Well I’ll just get my arm ready for my serial number tattoo that I need to scan when I log into anything, and my papers ready for the check points.

4 Responses to “Papers Please!”

  1. shadowwar Says:

    I just read the blue post about RealID.


    This is a terrible idea. There are so many problems with this, it’s hard to list them. Opening up of real world information to a potential 10 million people. Creating access to detailed first and last name can start a daisy chain of information for anyone with the energy to do follow it.

    The internet is one of the last bastions on expansive freedom, in large part due to it’s annonymity. ActiBlizzard is going to get major flack for this, and maybe it will just reduce the number of posts, but it seems liek cutting off the leg because of a gangrenous toe.

  2. You know I hate this. I feel like this gives me a choice between exposing my real name or not having any say in the direction of the game. I can’t put my opinion on the forums. I can’t help people on the forums find stuff. I can’t recruit for my guild on the forums. Nothin. Nada.

    Yes it’s a “choice” to participate in the forums, period, but I feel like I’ve been silenced, while dudes named John Smith and Pete Jones still get a say.

    • theerivs Says:

      Ya know a very big gender issue brewing here. How many girls are going to get harrassed, and such. Once a pervert finds out your really a girl. Oh dear.

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