Goblin or Worgen

When Cataclysm hits, I love the Horde..but the Worgen intrigue me. So when the hub bub die down I will make a toon of each just to check out starting zones.

The only plans I do have is to come out of the starting blocks, and hammer the mage to 85, and Pally. I am even toying with the idea of changing the pally into a big tauren pally, and switching that to my main. I have been maging it up for a while, and I thought Cataclysm would be a perfect time for that.

My goal of 20k gold by Cataclysm has been reached, and I will surpass that amount so I feel confident I’m set in that dept.

I was thinking Worgen Warrior, but what about my Goblin. I think it might even be time to make a warlock…..the end is truly nigh.

What are your plans when Cataclysm hits?

5 Responses to “Goblin or Worgen”

  1. Two words: TROLL DRUID!

    Seriously – I expect I’ll be leveling my Horde shaman and my Alliance paladin first, assuming my Alliance raid group plans to continue. Troll druid will be my first serious alt.

    I do plan on playing through the Worgen & Goblin starting areas, but I’m not overly interested in either race (although, the goblin racials from the previews seem kind of haxx).

  2. I’m still going back and forth on Worgen or Goblin myself. I’ll be sure to decide on one when the time comes, and then I’ll probably divide my attention between playing that character and leveling my main up to 85. I’m not in any hurry for the latter though, chances are, everyone in my guild will be taking it easy so no sense in rushing to level cap.

  3. G.D. Hamell Says:

    Couple of months ago I switched factions with my Human Paladin. I just wanted to get to the other side because of all the silliness on the Alliance. For the most part, I have quit WoW until the expansion. If I do pick it up again, I think I will be making my BElf Paladin a Tauren for kicks. I haven’t really decided on either goblin or worgen. I will probably hold off until I think the rush is over.

  4. I’m thinking that the new starter areas are going to be overwhelmed with people, so I am just going to wait for a little while. I have 5 level 80’s and I’m trying to decide who I want to cap first.

    As far as gold I too am trying to save 20k before cat hits, I hit 14k yesterday so I should be in good shape.

  5. I miss my NE druid soo terribly, but I can’t come to grips with making her a cow… So, DEFINITELY going to transfer her once cata hits to a troll druid! =) I can’t wait to start playing her again, poor thing feels so neglected.

    I think after a few months, I’ll likely make one of each of the new races just to check out the starter zones.. but I gotta tell ya, the worgen just don’t do it for me. I’m glad I’m horde now b/c the goblins are what intrigue me most!

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