Weekly Lagout

Happy 4th of July to all my American Brothers, and Sisters. Belated Canada Day to all my Canadian Brothers, and Sisters.  Happy Weekend to everyone else.

I would also like to thank the Men and Women who serve in the Military for this great country I live in, I know Freedom isn’t free. If you see a service man or women this weekend, buy them a drink, or just tell them thanks. It means alot. It’s on your backs, and hard work I can go out and get fricking smashed this weekend, and pee in someones flower bed. If you serve let me know, I’ll sign your name…..Thank you /salute

WoW – I’m so close to my goal of 20k gold. When I started Horde a couple months ago, I made a decision to never be broke again, and work at getting a nice little nest egg ready for Cataclysm, but I have a feeling after day 3 of Cataclysm, I’ll have 10 gold coins to my name. Did Ruby Sanctum. Some pretty interesting fights, once we get it down though it will be nice. Still working on Sindragosa too. We’ll get there. Not this week though holiday means no raiding pretty much.

WAR- I decided to put it on the shelf, and go figure cause of the Holiday 100% Renown Bonus. Good thing I’m pretty much paid up. If I jam enough renown out…maybe I’ll stick around.

Other – Ok I was at Gamestop yesterday and had a great games conversation with the crew there, that’s why I hope brick and mortar stores never go away. But I was going to buy APB, and they kind of talked me out of it. They told me there are alot of great free MMO’s out there, but I have to be willing to dig. Some other stuf they mentioned was Dungeon Fighter, and check out MMORPG.com a couple things I have to look into further.Steam is also having a HUGE sale this weekend. God I’m going to bleed money out of my ass this weekend. As for APB, I’m gonna wait a little bit see if it drops in price, or able to get the client for free. I’m not going to do the Star Trek Incident again, spend 80 dollars on Collectors Edition, and then have it practically free in a couple months.

High Latency Love.

First an old friend Shadowwar is giving away a Collectors Edition Warhammer box, probably the only CE that was worth it for me. The Art Book, the Comic Book awesome. Enter the Contest, and may the Raven God bless you.

I wanted to give some love to Altaholics Anonymous, and So Much WoW, I’m so happy they are on Horde side Azgalor.

Last but not least, thanks Scarybooster. I’m taking a little break over at my personal blog, just cause I need one, and he posted something on there for me. Check it out.  

Why were on the subject of giving some love out…I meet people on line, and sometimes they become my friend, and though I never met some of these people  face to face their friendship doesn’t mean less to me.  Heck some of these people I talk to every day. That’s why when people say, they are not a “real life” friend it offends me, either they are my friend, or not. 

Something funny….

All the Twilight stuff, and jershey shore. Thanks to Zelmaru, she posted it on Light’s Fury. Had me LMAO!

Jersey Shore Twilight.

With That….


4 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I stand by my predictions that APB will be a free client before xmas. Keep on the guild forums and when a bunch of us jump in we can have some fun tooling around in cars and stuff 🙂

    • theerivs Says:

      Yea I’m taking a WAR break, I ain’t done with the game…and I hope one day we get some Jaded Souls green lightsabers flying soon in Old Knights. 🙂

  2. shadowwar Says:

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Aww thanks for the love, riv! It was great chatting live with you last night! =) Hope to chat with you again soon =)

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