The Ruby Sanctum-I got Fire Shield Bitch!

So last night me and my 10 man crew went into the Ruby Sanctum. I won’t go into all the strats. Here’s a pretty good run down.  I think for me what summed up the fight is when a fellow mage during the fight, got hit with the meteor fire screamed over vent, “I got Fire Shield Bitch!”

The trash was pretty simple except one group with a commander, two invokers, and two melee dragonkin dudes. Pull commander away kill him first, and then kill the invokers.

In terms of Mages here some things I learned.

Baltharus – Pretty easy, as for tank keep his back to something, OT pick up the Adds, and just kill the main dude as fast as you can. Just unload into this guy.

Saviana – Fire Shield, and Ice Block are your friends. Make sure you got space between each other. Besides that pretty easy.

General Zarithiran – Add control very important, the Adds die pretty fast so kill them and go back to killing the boss. He has a fear but the range isn’t that big, so get some spacing.

Halion – Is different story, we kept getting to phase 3, then falling apart in that transition.

Phase One – Spacing is very important, as a Mage make sure you got your Fire Shield working (Yea Incanters Absoption too)

Phase Two – I like to get behind an orb and cast AB few times, move, get behind orb, cast AB few times move. Then when orbs start connecting the laser just stay mobile, and do your instants, or Arc Barrage.

Phase Three – Die in a good spot, and look good at it. When we beat this boss I’ll give ya more tips.   

Basically these fights you have to be VERY spatially, and situationally  aware, and if your the type that stands in fires, your going to die….quickly.

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