Why You Gotta Be Anonymous?

A while back, as an experiment, I leveled a character named Solstis on an *shock* Alliance server. 

I decided to roll Alliance because I had never seen low-level leveling from the enemy’s side and figured it would be interesting and new.  I made a patsy DK to transfer 5g to young Solstis and set her out on her journey in unfamiliar territory. 

One of the things I loved most about trying this was not having a level 80 to back me up.  With only 5g to spend, I had to be creative about the way I did things.  I immediately took time to find a scribe and enchanter that would provide me with services cheaply.  I used the Auctioneer add-on to find items that were priced ridiculously low, and sold them at higher prices.  I used the Thanksgiving Holiday achievement week to sell cooking mats at grossly high profits (gotta love the WoW-lazy).  The end result of all my work was a very nicely geared Solstis. 

I was able to make my mark in BG’s even with my lack of BOA gear.  One thing I found though, as I played from the Alliance side, is that I turned into a pretty big dick.  If things were not going our way I had no problem calling people out on their stupidity (I’m never one to spare the curse words).  It may be partly due to the fact that my teammates were Alliance – the very faces that I have been conditioned to loathe and destroy.  But I think it mostly had to do with the fact that I was completely unknown on this server.  I wasn’t worried about joining a guild or making friends.  I was just there to play.  And apparently also there to be an asshole.

I even found myself participating in Trade Chat banter.  When I am in a home city on my Priest, I have trade chat turned off.  I find the racial slurs and [anal jokes] less-than-entertaining.  Solstis, however, was Queen Bee of trade chat.  I had it on all the time.  I would respond to morons as destructively as I could.  Make a racist joke?  Prepare for some shit-talking purple text. 

I suppose her anonymity made it easier for me to be an asshole. 

I bring this all up because I had a guy be a real asshole to me on my home server.  I recently obtained my “Flame Keeper” title.  For those that don’t keep up with the holiday achievements this one basically involves a lot of flying around and visiting barren and empty places no one ever goes to anymore.  With Cataclysm coming up and “THE VERY FACE OF AZEROTH!!” changing in ways we’ve never seen… I figured it was as good a time as ever to complete these achievements.  Get one last eyeful of what will soon be the way things used to be. 

After all of my flying and fire lighting/extinguishing I came upon the very last task before I was to receive my title.  Torch Juggler.  As I stand in Dalaran, attempting to toss and catch these torches, a shaman stands right on top of me and ninjas the torches away from me.  The torches fall into his inventory, instead of mine.  He then yells “NINAJ!!!1” and runs off.  That’s when I lost it. The purple conversation that was had was not pretty.  After calling him several words I would not want my mother to even know that I know, he says, “Hey look, it was just a joke, I am gonna give them back.” Yeah, that’s right asshole, you better effing give them back.

Is this Shaman a huge ninjaing asshole in real life?  Probably not.  He’s probably just some 15-year-old kid hanging out in Dalaran before bedtime.  Would this kid steal things from me in real life? I don’t think so at all.

Anonymity encourages being a fucktard.  I know, because I’ve been one.

11 Responses to “Why You Gotta Be Anonymous?”

  1. theerivs Says:

    I would tend to agree with you, but I’m pretty much a dickhead anon or not.

    That’s part of my charm 😉

  2. Legolas4Life Says:

    You didn’t need to create a new character to find out that anonymity breeds fucktards. Go to any message board or blog for that manner and see how people talk to each other in the comments section. I have to avoid looking at the remarks on the newspaper sites I frequent because it’s just filled with trolls and hate mongers.

    • So true.

      All the creation of the new character revealed to me, is that I could be a fucktard. I didn’t even know I had it in me. 🙂

  3. I’m always nice

  4. Torch Juggler was irritating enough with bad latency without some moron trying to steal your torches. I would have probably done the same thing tbh…

    “I turned into a pretty big dick.”

    I thought you were notoriously always a pretty big dick =P j/k j/k

    Incidentally, Barbi and I’ve enjoyed chattering at you, its nice to know people who aren’t just under the same guild tag =)

  5. Haha very interesting experiement. I started playing on a PvP server but hated it with a vengeance, and left.

    I am however, wondering about your further reflections about the dick in you. Do you think you could have had a similar result with an anonymous alt on your home server? Or would it only have been possible for you amongst alliance players?
    I am also wondering if your general perception of the alliance changed (fx your perception of the alliance on your own server) after your anonymous tour?

    • “I am however, wondering about your further reflections about the dick in you.” – First. ❤ Don't I wish. Hey…. it's been a while… OKaaaaaaay.

      Well, I think it would have been the same on any server, if I went into it knowing I was doing it anonymously. I am a bit of an alt-a-holic so there isn't enough real estate to try it on my home server, but again… I think if I did the results would be nearly the same. However, I do think it was easier being an asshole to alliance just because they are alliance. It's just deeply ingrained in my psychi I suppose.

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