Daily Dose of Douchbaggery

So a day doesn’t seem quite complete without an act of Douchebaggery occuring most of the time I let it slide…ok another Douchebag, no problem. Really there’s nothing I can do, can’t report him, can’t tell the forums, (QQ more), can’t really hurt him in anyway. Well today is a little different. Today I said you know what screw this douchebag, I’m calling him out.

So a rogue named Spydersix, starts asking to form a VOA 25 send tell for invites. Well I send him a tell, telling him I’m a mage, please invite. Nothing…nada. Ok maybe he’s full on mages. That’s cool.  Then a Guildie of mine who is also a mage asked in guild, anyone want to do a VOA 25. I said yes. It was Spyder’s VOA. I sent him another tell still no invite. Ok…whatever. My Mage Guildie then said, that he logged off, logged on as his mage Belowzero.  Then he saw my guildie was a mage, and told him, “My Grandma says your a ninja” and boots my guildie. Hey if your building a raid to get easy gear for yourself, more power to you. I applaud your efforts, but fucking A man don’t be a douchebag about it.

 So with righteous fury that I bring,  I told him, “How can your grandma tell you my friend is a ninja, when my cock is in her mouth.”  He replies, “You mad breh?”  I go,  “Ya think”  I told him that the Horde isn’t as big as the Alliance, and that I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.  Also any port tells I got in Org (and I do get alot), I told them to contact Belowzero, he’ll port them for free. Awwww and for all his troubles he didn’t get jack shite.

Stay Classy Azgalor Horde,   Hopefully Tomorrow Bee brings it on…..wonder if she ever was a cheerleader?

3 Responses to “Daily Dose of Douchbaggery”

  1. I was going to say something, then I realized I just wanted to hug my grandma and tell her I love her. 😦

  2. You realize today is my day right? 🙂 Not tomorrow… anyways… my post may shed a bit of light on why this guy can be such a douche. You always intro me well. 🙂

    And no… I was never a cheerleader, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to bring it.

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