Sindragosa is a Feminist or a Role Player

Cause she hates my guts with a passion that rivals these two groups, I think anyone that reads me knows that I’m not on the favorites list of Role Players, and most recently Feminists.  So I firmly believe Sindragosa is in league with them.

My guild and I mop through ICC 10, like we were hot knifes through butter, but when we hit Sindragosa, we seriously hit a wall. The wall is Phase 2, where she starts Ice Tombing individuals it just starts to go haywire at that phase.  We can’t get her lower then 10%. I mean were not all that stupid.  We reviewed strat videos, and strat techniques, tried to do different things like when someone is ice tombed, we would have one go to front leg, other to back leg stuff like that.

Tip:  As a mage DPS something that really helped me in this fight. Is making a macro to /target ice tomb

After 2 hours of working on her last night….someone messed up, and destroyed an ice tomb too soon, and a frost orb just wiped a raid, we all busted out laughing over vent. That’s why I like this guild, I don’t hear many negative nellies…oh and that was some -50dkp for that person.

So any good tips?

7 Responses to “Sindragosa is a Feminist or a Role Player”

  1. ….anxiously awaits tips as this is exactly where my guild happens to be at….

  2. Scarybooster Says:

    She does the ice thing, touch her boobies. That always warms them up.

  3. Groendell Says:

    Not sure what your raid makeup is, but we actually assign our two melee dps to the frost tombs with my boomchicken to help if they fall behind or get tombed. We did this for 2 reasons. First the rogue and kitty with their fast attack speed on Sindra build their icy touch stacks way too fast ( I know rogues can clear with cloak but this works.) Second we have dedicated people to this very important task- they know not to blow the tomb until after the tank clears his stacks of mystic buffet. The ranged need to stay packed tight in the middle (normal mode). If you are not tombed- nor working on the tomb you stay middle! It is a control fight and the last phase takes on a rythmn once you get it. People need to watch stacks and avoid damage to stay alive.

    DPS will not be huge here but you get to go bucknutty as a mage in either phase once unchained magic goes to someone else (I know I do on my Boomkin!) I wonder how fire (or even *gasp* frostfire) would do with the slower cast times. I know when I get unchained magic I use starfire more. At 4 stacks I pause until I see the debuff at 1 or 2 seconds left before I cast a 2 second starfire to lose the stack just before it casts.

    What does your raid roster look like classwise?

    • theerivs Says:

      I’m going of the top of my head. 1 Warrior DPS, 1 Warrior Tank, 1 Pally Tank, 1 Pally Ret. 2 Shammies (1 healer/1 dps) 1 Druid (Healer) Rogue, Hunter, me Mage.

      • Groendell Says:

        MOAR DOTS!!

        Might want to go 3 heals (if you have not already), if you fall behind on tombs, both healers could be tombed = very possible wipe. Try having designated tomb killers (1 or 2 with a backup for either in case they die or get tombed). We just used the melee because the rogue was wrecking himself with icy touch- but ranged can do this as well. The monkey-wrench of course is when she sucks everyone in with 2 tombs up lol.

        The biggest thing is communicate! Rogue is ice tombed, OT taunts, mt clears stacks, other dps is working on tomb waiting to hear when MT is clear-CLEAR- ok break it! NEXT! We would still use either tomb to clear other raid members too- but largely they need to watch their own stacks of both debuffs. Most important thing is to stay alive to dps/heal later. Forget about Recount for this fight. It’s all about control.

        Hopefully this isn’t too preachy : )

  4. Do you guys have the add on that puts a mark on the guys that are being tombed? In my old guild you got a mark on your head…you had a specific order you lined up in the front. It was circle, diamond, moon, square, triangle or something like that. I’m sure everybody does cause it’s probably DBM(I don’t know what does it)…but just in case I thought I’d mention it.

    Most epic wipe ever: 3rd phase only one person gets tombed every 30 seconds or so. One of the melee had been marked but didn’t move….and tombed every single melee.

  5. Somehow, you fell off my feed read (fix’d now) so I might be late to the party on this.

    Are you seriously trying to 2 heal this fight? The RNG gods say 2 healing Sindy is a nono. We’ve been 3 healing (holy paladin, holy priest, resto druid) and we still get fucked up by the RNG sometimes.

    Basically, in P2, you need 2 designated “ice tomb” spots, good healer communication (so they are clearing debuffs often enough) and tanks who taunt switch & clear only when it’s the closer-to-the-tanks iceblock. And you’ll still get messed up by RNG. Frequently.

    In both groups I ran with, we had more 2% Sindragosa wipes than anything else. It’s really an irritating fight, even when you’re doing everything right.

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