Prayers to the Raven God.

Ok WAR has hit a little bit of a stagnation. The City Siege Ping Pong is getting tiresome, and the grind for Renown is killing my soul. We need a little livening up of the game me thinks. So I am trying to evoke Divine help from the Ruinous Powers.

My Suggestions…

2x – 3x Renown – Through a Special Event,  or through Special Gear, like BOA gear like WoW. I think if you up the reward for fighting you will get more people fighting. I don’t care just make it happen..

Special Influx of Cool Loot – Some New Weapons will bring the boys to the Yard.

A New Special Event – Maybe Gortek and Felix found a dragon and need your help, or Sorcerors of the Raven God, Have found a powerful Demon of Slannesh, and need your help in culling it. Like just a One Boss. I love to Hit it and Quit it.

Some more News – Ever since they laid of Josh, things have been quiet…too quiet.

May the Blessings of the Raven God be upon us.

6 Responses to “Prayers to the Raven God.”

  1. Yea…looks like all the noise is on the forums…players worried that the game is falling down. If any of the various population trackers (Winkls and War Census) and game time tracking sites (Xfire) are a clue…those players would be right, as they all show loss.

    Mythic is looking more like it is in maintenance mode every day.

  2. Forums are always full of doom and gloom. People with genuine fear are lost in the myriad of trolls. I don’t think there is anything to worry about. EA is behind WAR. And whatever retarded decision they pull (firing good people), I’m almost certain they wouldn’t shut down a game they put so much capital into.

    And no, WAR being a PvP game, F2P model wouldn’t work. It has been discussed over and over again, and the general consensus is that the game would lose even more players and money if they did that.

  3. Oh and you want spicing up? If the devs don’t provide, you have all the tools to spice it up yourself. Organise a full on Realm VS. Realm bash till the server drops, a dueling event, a 6vs6 even, crawling the old tombs,… There are many options, you don’t need to ding RR80 right away, enjoy the game. 🙂

    • Yes. That’s exactly what the game needs. More large scale RvR. (More reason to claim keeps perhaps… Relics anyone? 🙂

      Duels could be a lot of fun and it’s always fun running a guild group. Would be awesome to get a Vent coordinated WB running around. God, could you imagine the carnage?

      I think the game needs to focus on keeps and RvR again. Scenarios are a quick easy fix, but with the recent changes to them, there are a bit too many Nordenwatch pops and the weekend events are even getting a bit repetitive. They need to inject some of the old scenario maps back in at the very least. I can’t remember the last time I got to play a Tor Anroc scen. All I ever seem to get are Nordenwatch and Reikland Factory. Meh.

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