Just a quick note.

Sometimes I notice I get a hit from a blog I never heard of before. I go there, and notice I’m on their blogroll. First of thanks for the Link Love, next I want to make sure your on mine. So if you have a blog, and I’m on your blogroll, and you are not on mine. Please let me know I will rectify the situation.

Also I will be purging some older blogs off my blogroll, if the blog doesn’t see a post in over a month I will remove, unless I loved your blog so much it stays on there in honor of that love.

Oh and the toilet is out of order.


The Management.

6 Responses to “Just a quick note.”

  1. I have a blog. I’m not sure if it is on your blogroll cuz I only see you in mobile version. I’m not even sure what your real site looks like. You could have naked ladies all over the place and I am missing out. I see your plan now: talk about MMOs and hypnotize them with boobies

  2. Thought that I would make notice of my blog, but I see im already on your blogroll. Didnt expect that, but tnx…. 🙂

    Keep the blogging flood in streams….

    • theerivs Says:

      Actually your the reason I wrote this, I noticed I got a hit from your blog. I was like “herro dere”

  3. Ahh, Well once again tnx.

    Will try to be more evil like you, just not sure i got it in me…

  4. Finally added you to my blogroll. I’ve been neglectful in keeping it updated and pruned. I’m pretty sure I have a few on there that went dark months ago.

    Thanks for the reminder, and the link to my place!

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