I didn’t come here to socialize.

Back in the day when I played poker with a close friend of mine, (may he rest in peace), he use to say to the group, “I didn’t come here to socialize”, meaning he’s there to take our money, and that made me laugh.

There’s been quite an uproar over Real ID, I don’t know why, two things come to mind…

1. You don’t have to use it – No one is forcing anything down your throat, don’t like it, don’t use it…quit your bitching.

2. It’s a social MMO, people are there sometimes to socialize, and Blizz is helping them. Good for them..

This brings me to the next point….

Blizzard is trying to do things to keep their game fresh, and I got to give it to them, they are trying. New content, new toys, new way to access WoW through mobile phones, new ways to protect us – Authenticators over mobile phones.  For all the bitching and moaning Blizz may be the 800lb gorilla, but they still keep moving.

A couple things irked me yesterday though –

1. Maintence? Really? 5 years, billions of dollars you can’t get this shit straight.

2. Ruby Sanctum not open yesterday….though will we be seeing the “Instance not available” bullshit, when it does open.

3. New Chat Box look – Full of meh!

Odds and Ends..

1. I bought the Wrathful Gladiator bracers with the haste on them,  sad to say an upgrade in both PvP set, and PvE set.  Gold making has slowed down.

2. I’m in some sort of Enchanter war for scrolls of Crusader Enchant. I’m willing to go balls out and undercut it so much, those other bastages get out of it.

3. Bee is here tomorrow, maybe she will bring the sanity.

4. I am really feeling listless today…I needed more lists.

5. I had a noob moment, I always thought that those quests like “Fuel the Demolishers” you had to kill alliance members in that area to get those quests. Well I had the quest, thought I would take a look for an alliance member, none there. So I farmed elementals, I got what I needed of the elementals….OMG!!!! I’m such a noob!

Ok I’m out, As for me and Real ID…. I didn’t come here to socialize with the likes of you people…

8 Responses to “I didn’t come here to socialize.”

  1. My wife met and interviewed Shannon Elizabeth at the WSOP 🙂

  2. 3. Bee is here tomorrow, maybe she will bring the sanity.

    *shakes magic 8 ball*
    “Reply Hazy, Try Again”

    We shall see I guess. 🙂

    P.S. love your noob moment lol

  3. My biggest concern on Real ID is that people will use it without full knowledge of what they’re exposing to the world. It’s not bad *in itself* but I can see people who don’t bother to read (i.e. most of them) giving out an e-mail address that does not contain their real name, and then having their real name out there without intending to do so.

    No, it’s not Blizzard’s job to save people from their own stupidity – but they do an awful lot to do just that.

    I wanted to do a poll but I wasn’t sure how to phrase it – I see a lot of points in favor of or against Real ID, and most of its biggest proponents, or those who don’t see the “big deal” in having your name out there, are men… whereas most of the “eep, this doesn’t have enough privacy” critiques are coming from women.

    If I decided to stalk you and show up at your front door, you’d probably offer me a beer. If you showed up at my front door, I’d scream and holler and call the cops. And not just YOU, ANYONE.

  4. Your noob moment made me giggle. Thanks hun 🙂

  5. “4. I am really feeling listless today…I needed more lists.”

    Clever writing is clever 🙂

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