Masterdebation with Bee, and Rivs

Topic: Who is more important – the healer or the tank in World of Warcraft?

Bee says….


I see the merit of tanks.  They keep the ferocious mobs and bosses off of the precious dps and us healers. They take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.  I won’t debate that tanks are a necessary piece of the raid puzzle.  Before I begin, allow me to thank you all for the work you do.

But us healers are more important.  Why?  Well, aside from the fact that when we are doing our job right, you stay alive – we are here fix your mistakes.  Did you lose aggro to that rogue?  Don’t worry, here I am with a Pain Suppression and a bubble.  Are you standing in the blue/green/red stuff on the floor?  Here… have a bubble and a penance.

The second, and I believe most convincing, reason a healer is more important?  Our jobs are constantly changing.  I have never once had a fight in ICC go the same as it did the time before.  Every fight requires prioritizing and raid awareness, and the ability to roll with the punches.  I think tanks have a pretty standard plan of attack.  Draw aggro, keep aggro, move out of the blue/green/red stuff on the floor (rinse and repeat).  For a healer the same fight could be… Heal tank. Save stupid DPS that aggroed the boss. Get out of the green stuff.  Mass dispel the magic debuff.  OMG THE OTHER TANK HEALER GOT SLIMED, hurry dispell!!! The unholy dk just got mind controlled and is attacking the mage… PAIN SUPPRESS… Why is that shaman standing in the fucking green stuff…. BUBBLE.

I think you get my point.


Yeah ok, so maybe we need tanks in AV and Isle.  Of course I’ve seen a retribution paladin successfully tank Vanndar Stormpike, and I myself have personally healed a hunters pet as it tanked Balinda Stonehearth (Tenacity ftw).  However, there is nothing that is more wonderful than realizing I have a prot warrior holding our flag in Warsong Gulch – I’ll give you that. 

But imagine for a second, a battleground with no healers.  Doable? Yes.  But I wouldn’t even want to read the battleground-chat nerd rage that ensues.  When I enter a battleground on my priest I know I am making a major contribution, especially on the smaller 10 and 15 man BG’s.  My presence is known in a WSG.  There is no better compliment that can be received in a BG, than being instantly targeted every time I go with in range of the enemy.  Annoying? Of course, but that just means I’m doing my job and I’m getting noticed. 

I think there is a reason that I’ve seen “ZOMG kill the healers first noob!!” scroll through my battleground chat screen many times. 

In closing: Healers are more important.  You can only hold aggro if you are alive.

(P.S. DPS is left out of this discussion because they are of no importance at all.) lol

Riv Says….

Bee did you get into the white-out again, please quit huffing it, it kills lots of brain cells…Sure Healers are important, I’m not going to say they are not. As a tank, I played a warrior from Vanilla all the way to Wrath, then just concentrated on my Mage, I noticed time and again that the healer never went down mana, and alot of times would be standing around doing nothing. Heck I think one time a healer went AFK on me.


 How long would the healer last without the tank, not to long. Tanks are the first line, the only line that the mob needs to get through to hit the healers. Ok lets take a scenario and remove the tank from a pull. Someone pulls the mobs, once the first heal is cast, mobs come running to healers…healer dead.  Ok lets do another scenario with out a healer. Tank pulls, tank starts getting lower on health (except Pally Tank, he can heal himself, and so can a Blood DK tank), he can pop a potion, gets low again, then pops a warlock stone, hell someone could maybe even bandage a tank. The reason Blizzard put the limitations on the Potions, because it WAS taking the healers job.  So next time your fighting mobs, just take a look back at the healer….might have to wake him up.

PvP –

There are healers in PvP? All I ever see are Cats, Boomkins, Shadow Priests, and Retardins. The healers that are there are always laying on the ground dead. OMG you mean we’ll have to respawn few feet away. Warsong Gulch you might need a healer for the flag carrier, other then that they are just another corpse I have to walk over.  

Bottomline – Tanks are more important, because dead healers can’t cast heals.

P.S. Another reason DPS is needed, and healer not so much…dead monsters don’t do damage, kill faster!

3 Responses to “Masterdebation with Bee, and Rivs”

  1. haha love it.

    Im torn between saying who is more important but one thing I can tell you is tanks are stroppy bitches! I dont know how many times I’ve seen a tank overpull > blame the healer for dieing> call everyone a noob> drop group.

    But anyway I think both are vitally important and after trying my hand at both ( tree healing and pala tanking) I can honestly say you have to be crazy to have either one as your main.

    I’ll sit on the fence me thinks but then I’m a squishy dps so I need ya both 😉

  2. gaarawarr Says:

    To be honest, both of you seem to have your true complaints grounded in bad players, not bad archetypes. Tanks + DPS + Healers = Holy Trinity of Gaming. Can you do things without one or two of them at times? Sure. Is the experience more fun with all three? Hell yeah. Does life suck when one of the ones you’re with suck? There you go.

    • theerivs Says:

      Well no, I noticed the healers don’t do poop in WoW, all ways got full mana bars, heck they go afk most of the time I think. No that they are bad or good, just not doing much…maybe more of a game design flaw. Bee on the other hand was way off base though. 😉

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