“So shines a good deed in a weary world”~ Willy Wonka

Well Shakespeare said it first, but I like Willy better.  I get this bad rep of being quite the jerk, but sometimes I am a good guy, really I am.

Last night my guild and I were running 10 man ICC, and there was one other mage in the group. This mage was pretty decked out, 4 piece tier, alot of other nice pieces. So were going along, and not a single piece of mage gear drops (well besides the Scourgelord Baton, and we both got that) 

We get to the Blood Princes, and the Wand of the Ruby Clarnet (sp?) drops. We both roll, and I win big time, got like a 96 out of 100. I was looking at the wand, and one stat is important to me, Haste, it was only +6 to my current haste score.  So not a huge upgrade. I was curious what the other mage was sporting, I notice his wand had no haste at all. I was like hell no, I can’t have that.  See the wand would of been nice, but it would of helped this mage more. I gave him the wand, I told him why, he was “Are you sure?”  I was like, ” just take the damn thing, ya jackass”

This mage has alot of better gear then me, and he beats me on the charts regularly (not by much mind yo) Why help him out? Because to me it’s about the team. I always say it should be about, “Realm, Guild, Self”, and I try to live it, not just repeat the word. I’m sure I’ll be back there, and who knows he may bow out of a piece that might be an minor upgrade for him, so I can get it.  Looking forward to trying to finish up ICC tonight, I’m farther then I got before. Working on the Blood Queen right now. Any good strat sites for ICC 10 man?

14 Responses to ““So shines a good deed in a weary world”~ Willy Wonka”

  1. ohhhhhhhh you areeeeeeeee just a giant teddy bear.. that is awesome! what a guy!

    oh and my priest would offer BJ’s for that damn thing… just sayin

  2. Legolas4life Says:

    Hold the phuckin’ phones. So, you call yourself a nice guy because you gave up an item you could barely use? Feel free to pat yourself on the back if it had been a significant upgrade for you and then you gave it up. For that kind of action, your heart might grow three times Grinch style. But this, you get nothing homes.

    • theerivs Says:

      Whatever it is, it was still an upgrade. Haste is the only thing I care about, it had major crit and hit on there not to mention intellect. Using the same logic your saying because I just give a dollar to the guy with a bucket, since it’s such a little amount, I shouldn’t have bothered. I can’t feel good about myself until I give 1000 dollars?

      • Legolas4life Says:

        It’s ok to feel good, but your deed is hardly worthy of an entire blog post praising yourself. You could give a homeless man a dollar and get a warm fuzzy, but you would be silly calling yourself a philanthropist because of it.

      • theerivs Says:

        I’m not calling myself philanthropist, just trying to tell people i’m not a 100% dickhead. Yeah I consider myself the Mother Theresa of WoW now. as for doing a post of something, it’s my blog. If I want to do a whole post on my 15 minute ball scratching session this morning, well guess what….yeah thats what I’m gonna write about.

  3. Legolas4Life Says:

    You’re no daisy. You’re no daisy at all! Oh, and you’re no Bee either! Scratch your balls to that biotch!

  4. “Looking forward to trying to finish up ICC tonight, I’m farther then I got before. Working on the Blood Queen right now. Any good strat sites for ICC 10 man?”

    I’ve always liked the way that the TankSpot videos present the fights. Plus that girl’s voice always gives me a stiffy.

  5. Blood Queen strat

    Get a biting order. Your 3rd highest threat will get bitten. That is usually one or two people in the group. Have the tanks run in together. Everyone stay 10 yards apart if possible. It helps with the constant AoE damage going on.

    Once the first person gets bit have them wait to bite the next person until the timer is almost up. Make sure the two people are near each other so that the person bitten can have as much dps uptime as possible.

    You want to lust when 4 people are bitten (2nd round of bites). Bite the healers before you bite the tanks if you can.

    Stuff to watch out for:

    Flames – This is just like the legion flames from Lord J in ToC. Run away if you have these. They will leave a flame trail behind you. Try to make this stay to the edge of the room.

    Blood link – Two people will be linked. They need to stop what they are doing and run towards each other. Some people just tell you to meet in the center of the room. Until the two get close enough they will both have tons of damage done to them AND anyone who is near their link will also take damage.

    She will jump up in the center of the room and cast a fear. Tremor totem works to cancel this as does fear ward. Once the fear is done make sure you are 10 yards apart. She will then do blood bolt whirl. You do not want to be next to someone when she does that.

    She has a soft enrage timer in that if someone does not bite another person they will become mind controlled.

    After the 3rd round of bites you better get her down fast.

    Good luck!!!

    She also drops a wand. Maybe you can win that one since you gave up the one off BP.

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