Weekly Lagout

WoW – So yea some RP stuff ticked me off, and I got riled…ok I got anger management issues. Piss off wanker!….sorry anywho. This morning I was looking over my mage, and I got my 4 piece tier 10, but I was looking at other improvements. I had 90 triumph badges, that I had a feeling were gonna collect dust, so for shits and giggles I was looking at the vendor. Hmm Hoods for 75 badges…wait a minute.. One thing I have is the old Conquest Helm, and I was eyeballing it, I don’t need it anymore, and the Triumph hood is better. Then I look closer at my old Conquest… WTF I had a cheap blue gem in it, and not an epic purple. I must of been poor, but never upgraded. I feel like a douchebag. I was looking at other upgrades, it looke like the Wrathful Gladiator Wrists and Feet are actually better then my current Bejeweled Bracers, and Spellslinger Slippers. I may pick those up when I get enough honor, either way it won’t hurt my PvP set.  Also I’m using the in-game equipment manager which switches out sets for you, I rather like it. I use to use Itemrack back in the day. Less add ons I have the better.

WAR – Not feeling it after they laid of Josh, may take a break, may cancel, or may dye my armor black and give myself the name, Joshsaysdie!…dunno yet.

Other Games….

Star Wars, and then 2013 War 40K….I might try APB too in the meantime.

High Latency Love –

For the Bubbles – Amber, and Ori put up with my shit for quite some time. I know sometimes what I say pisses them off to no end, but as much shit as I give them they hold their own, and I’m proud of them. These girls do girl gamers proud, they not only  know how to play their class, but they play it well, Amber also is the GM, and Ori is an officer. I know sometimes I can be a total douchebag, but I want them to know they are two of the people I miss the most when I switch to the Horde side.  Also BoO guild is having a get together, I should put on some Horde garb, crash the party, toss ice at all of them and go “Frost Nova, Biotches”

Scarybooster – Changed his look, stop by tell him what you think.

Lastly but never least, I want to give some love to the Father’s out there. For being the pillar of strength for your family, and being there for your kids. I would also thank my Father, he is everything I aspire to be, funny, loved, and over all good guy. His love shone for me, in everything he did, from coming to everyone of my sporting events, to just being there everytime I needed him to be there for me. I love you Dad, and Happy Father’s day.

Something Funny….

Saying I love Red vs. Blue would be a gross understatement. Here they are explaining the Game Industry. 

With That….


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Now Greg is sure to find out I inverted his banner colors… Maybe I can get him to make me a Star Wars themed 1… Now I’m pushing my luck lol. Thanks for the link none of your lazy readers will click on it, but thanks anyways for thinking of me. Have nice weekend bud

  2. Today is the Summer equinox and we are half way through the Roman year…so I’m making a midyear resolution.

    Watch Red vs. Blue

    All of it.

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