My Crusade Against RP

A few months back, an RP Icon attacked a lone blogger, who really didn’t have a way to defend herself. I went way out on a limb, some thought I was crazy, perhaps maybe I am. But I wanted to prove a few things, even though my methods were out of line, I think I got my point across. So a fellow blogger said something, and it struck me as something all too true.  

“Rp’ers take rping very seriously” – Pug. Priest.

Yes I know this,  it’s cult like. No other opinion will be heard, and if you differ from their opinion you get attacked en masse, and with a ruthlessness that would put a 13 year old PvP’er to shame. These people are elitists of a whole different genre, I have more respect for some elitists because they proven to me they either have the skills, or talent to accomplish something. These RP elite have proved what? They can walk in an inn, and tell me how good fake food is. They are always looking for new recruits, but don’t worry you’ll get to hang around them, but god forbid you take part, cause I even seen one of them post something about how you should be ok to be excluded.

What angers me so?

Their defense of the douchebags to the point where it’s smacks of hypocrisy. They have something called ERP (Erotic Role Play), and they gather around and do some nasty stuff. How do I know, just go to Goldshire on any RP server.  Now I am no angel by any means, and I fill guild chat with the most foulest things possible. Here’s the crux though, I don’t randomly go into Goldshire, and say I want to stick something where the sun don’t shine. What if there was a young girl, or boy leveling a toon, and they hear this crap.  I am no babe in the woods, and I know the Internet is a scary place, but if something is bad….it’s bad.

Is RP dying?

From what I hear around the blogosphere, it is, and small wonder why. I like the ideals of RP, but those ideals are long gone. To pretend to play a role in Warcraft, to actually play the game like your living in the Warcraft Universe. That is a lofty goal, and one I concur with, but now you have people pretending to be half elf vampire lesbians.

With all their QQ, The irony of it all it’s RP’ers themeselves who are destroying RP. With their hypocrisy, cult like behaviors they are scaring those who might be interested, and that is my greatest joy of my crusade, to see RP fail on a grand scale, and without lifting so much as a hand.

19 Responses to “My Crusade Against RP”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    Again with this?

  2. I don’t really understand your issue with RP. It’s a hobby just like PVP is a facet of the game that is a hobby. RP happens in every single fandom and gaming circle – it’s not WoW exclusive. Not every RPer fits into the same mold either, because there so many different people who role play, all with their own preferences.

    Not every role player ERPs. Most look down on it. An RP circle can’t be expected to moderate the activity of everyone else that they don’t play with.

    Unless RP is changing colors, it is dying and not dyeing. And I don’t think it’s doing either, personally. There have been over-dramatic cries about the “death of RP” for years. It’s just one of those things that people make a big deal about, like saying every attempt to balance pvp fucks over everyone els.e

    • theerivs Says:

      I don’t understand your love for RP, Why do you love it so? Is it because your life is so pathetic you need to build a new one?

      • I like to write and interact with people socially, beyond killing monsters and receiving purple pixels.

        In all honesty, I haven’t RPed in years. However, I don’t judge people for their hobbies. I respect the creativity that goes into writing characters.

      • theerivs Says:

        I interact with people socially, and I don’t need to write grandious stories, that most of the time the only people that really care about the story is the person who writes it. Sewing is a hobby, playing video games is a hobby….I don’t view it as a hobby, I view it as a cult. As far as RP goes, If you like to RP my personal opinion is go invest in some Dungeons and Dragons books and quit boring me to death with your stupid RP, that way I don’t have to hear bullcrap in say about how wonderful the turkey tastes.

  3. I enter the Goldshire tavern, splattered with blood from head to toe. I look around and tug at my meaty crotch looking for a madien my dragon can feast upon. At this point it was throbbing in pain pulsating against my plate mail cup. I had to free him of his shackles soon or he was going to spew fire in my trousers.

    I strolled up to the bar uncomfortablly and whispered in the bartenders ear. I informed him I was starving and only beaver meat would satisfy my hunger. He slapped a tankard of ale in front of me with a wink and motioned with his head towards the stairs leading to the top floor of the Lion’s Pride. I got his clue and swaggered with my booze to my heroes meal waiting for me upstairs.

    My meal was sprawled sexily over the bed in room 201. She was slowly inching across the bed like a snail waiting to be salted. I had her salt and I couldn’t wait much longer to shake it on her wet slime.

    I unsnapped my armor with amazing speed and grabbed my pray by the legs and spread her like a wishbone. I lifted her dress and got a warm blast of her aroma. I knew by the smell, I was not her first of the day. This meat was going bad soon, but I was starving for her. I slammed forward harder than I could swing my sword. Yes, the dragon blew fire in seconds and the beaver was blown to pieces like a grenade blowing apart a roast beef sandwich with cheese…

    Long live RPing!!!!

  4. As the lone blogger referenced, I assure you I had no intent of “starting” anything back in the day. The inspiration was the old “yar hump” deeprun tram incident that most everyone thought was funny. Apparently, that’s not funny, that’s godmodding.

    People make fun of other people’s hobbies all the time. It’s not nice, but we do it. I can say “Jersey Shore is stupid” and that’s my prerogative. Or that dressing up in Ren-faire garb is stupid, or painting mini-figurines for table-top crap is stupid. Or trading pokemon cards.

    But RP somehow isn’t on the same level as other hobbies. It should be respected no matter what your opinion, because, unlike other hobbies, it is srs bzns.

    I don’t understand it, and I never will – but one thing is for certain. I now have NO desire to have anything to do with it.

    • Honestly, I don’t have a problem at all with people doing RP. If it brings joy to your life, then more power to you. Who am I to say what someone else should like or do with their lives? One of the problems that I have seen throughout this entire RP-blogger debacle is that this same respect is not being afforded to those that don’t care for RP. One blogger’s opinion was presented and the backlash that followed was at best inappropriate.

      In Riv’s post he talks about when RP crosses lines. I think with any hobby or activity certain lines can be crossed that make the behavior inappropriate and there-in lies issues.

      Let’s say you enjoy imbibing alcohol. You consider beruit and flip cup your hobbies. I have no problem with that. In fact, you might just be a bad-ass. However… much like in Riv’s example of the young boy/girl travelling through Goldshire… as soon as the choice is made by our beer enthusiasts to get behind the wheel and drive, his hobby choice is now putting others in harms way.

      That type of behavior could never be justified to me.

      • theerivs Says:

        True Bee, but here’s where I get upset, they run to the defense of this bad behavior. It’s like me saying yeah i love to drink, and it’s ok for others to drive drunk, cause I love to drink. That is why I get mad.

        Let me get one thing straight, I don’t hate people. I don’t hate RP’ers. I hate RP’ing. Let me give you an example. I am a Chicago Cubs fan, I hate the Chicago White Sox. We rib each other, and I do hate the CWS, do I wish CWS would move to Ohio and get the hell out, yes I do, but at the end of the day we agree to disagree, and wait to football season where we’re all Bears fans once more 🙂

        Wait we on a sports blog now?

  5. Legolas4Life Says:

    Role-playing adds spice!

  6. The reason I don’t like role playing, is it feels like playing house like a 5 year old girl. To me role playing is what non gamers think we are all like; it puts non role players into a role players stereo type.

    I’m not saying this to troll, I’ve actually been in the situation where someone asked me what games I play and they said “you don’t do that wierd pretending stuff do you?” I was like “no not everyone does that”.

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