Fare thee well Josh, wherever thou fares.

Josh Drescher  got laid off from Mythic yesterday, and if you don’t know him. He was an intrical part of Warhammer Online. WAR was going down the tubes, and with his dedication he turned it around, and got the game to not only to be a better gaming experience, but it was also more viable, better game means more money.

For his hard work he was let go, as a person that worked his ass off for a job, then get’s let go it’s heart breaking. Tell you a little story, I don’t want to make it about me, but maybe it will help Josh a little, if he even reads the drivel I write.

I worked for a University, I started out in the Computer Lab, and worked my way up to be in charge of all the Software on campus, and the Computer Labs. The State had some cutbacks, and I was one of the layoffs. I asked the VP of the University, “Why me?”  He answered this, “Your young, your smart, you have talent, and I have full confidence you will land on your feet.”  Well when your right, your right. Alot of the other people I worked with were older, and set in their ways.  Now I’m making twice of what I would be making at the University, and loving what I do.

The point is you never know what life may bring, right now it might look like it sucks, but Josh is a talented, and smart man….I have no doubt he’ll be back and stronger then ever.

Good Luck Josh, I hope good things for you.

2 Responses to “Fare thee well Josh, wherever thou fares.”

  1. He seems like an awesome guy. Sucks he was let go. Maybe WAR should dye all their armor black and gather to morn the loss of a great Dev. Everybody’s last name changed to LoveyaJosh or something cool

  2. Best of luck to Josh. Thanks for your work on WAR. There is a reason that whenever people have things to say about it, good or bad, they finish with “but it still has the best RvR around.”

    Thanks for helping to bring that to us.

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