So fresh and so clean clean

I have something I feel I need to confess. Not too long ago, I was a noob.

Why you ask? Well, before 80….

  • -The only spells that I would use key bindings for were #1-6.
  • -I never used mana burn, ever.
  • -I had only healed 1 and a half instances.

I was a good noob though. I was willing to learn, asked for help and researched my class online. I feel that today I am a completely different player. I key bound all of my spells – and although it did take a while – you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks. Now I’ve gotten pretty tough to beat in a duel, and I do a great job keeping people alive in instances.

Why do I have noobs on the brain? Well I’ve been leveling a baby ret pally. She is a spoiled brat. She has every piece of BOA gear that is appropriate, all the best enchants money can buy, and all the best possible gear available in the AH. Yeah I’m that moron that will drop 40g on a level 29 helm.

I feel that I am really getting the feel for playing a paladin and I like it a lot so far. It’s so nice to queue up as dps in LFG. It’s great to not be important. When I’m healing I always have to be paying attention. I can’t comment in guild chat, check facebook, or paint my nails. Now I have time to do all three!  And with consecration I’m still topping the dps charts.

All kidding aside, I feel the true test of any player’s skill is pvp. I have been queuing up for WSG and AB whenever I can. The only problem I find myself running into is a constant pull to want to heal. It disappoints me when we end a BG and I have top heals for the horde team. I guess it’s just hard to get away from what you know.

But guess what?  I’m still a noob.  A member in my guild is leveling a priest and he is at a similar level as my pally.  We were dueling the other day and he was using tricks and ideas I had never thought of.  Mind controlling me off ledges, fearing me out of the duel area – it was nuts. I feel like a noob all over again.

And in closing… some odds and ends….

I want to show some link love to Reversion at Looking For More. A few weeks ago he was asking for requests for his comic Corporate Raider. I have this guy at work who is soooo super annoying. Well… anyways… I’ll let it speak for itself.


I currently have that saved as the background image on my IPhone and I giggle every time I see it.

And now a short update, on our botting friend from last week. I did finally get my tailoring to 450, so I probably won’t be seeing much of him anymore – however I did make a few more trips to see him while leveling was still in progress. On my last visit, the man behind the bot showed himself.

Since i’m at work and forced to use MSPaint to edit my images – here is a larger size of the text only:

Yeah, I’m the bad one. 🙂

11 Responses to “So fresh and so clean clean”

  1. OMG you have an 80 Priest… Me too
    OMG you’re leveling a Pally… Me too
    OMG you have an iPhone… Meeeee Toooo

    Hey Riv, when you coming to my blog again with the Pink bra and panties? 😛

  2. theerivs Says:

    I added the links to our blogroll…as for being a noob. Everyone was a noob at sometime….

    Except me, I came out of my mom’s vagina knowing how to play WoW.

    • What you fail to mention is she had a gaming system installed in utero.

      • theerivs Says:

        She always wondered why the cords were there, but yeah I had to get out, ran out of doritos, and mountain dew.

  3. Pft.. pally… Place elbow on keyboard. Get sammich. Take nap.

  4. I agree about the PvP part. I have a Holy Paladin named, wait for it… BRONTE. I have been a healadin for 6 years now and I can’t fathom ever doing another spec. I have PvP’ed in the past, but those were pre-resilience days, right at the eve of vanilla WoW and right before TBC launched.

    Recently I have been getting into a PvP a lot, random battlegrounds, Wintergrasp and even a 2v2 arena team with an old friend who has won every PvP laurel known to man. I am truly beginning to see not only what a different beast PvP is, but how it makes you a better player, because no two fights are EVER the same.

  5. […] player actions. And in that, I completely agree with Christopher Cavelle’s assessment, that “the true test of any player’s skill is pvp”. I have been a PvE player for a very long time, and I know I am a fantastic healer. But there is […]

  6. […] a major hurdle in my WoW play.  I can officially say with confidence, that I have gone from a Noob to a Pro. Why you may ask?  Well there are several […]

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