My Holy Warrior

So I have a paladin, yeah he’s a human, what can I say I don’t want to invade Jong, poofy hair, emo, pally domain….though I do poof my real hair when I do play him. Actually I kind of like the way he looks, I leave his helm off. He looks like this old grisled warrior, who’s seen too much of the world fighting evil.

Anyway he’s level 76, and still grinding, He’s dual specced, Tank/Holy. Though I did some healing in early 5 man instances, I thought I would just concentrate on tanking, because that is why I made him. I miss tanking. I had a warrior back in the Vanilla/BC days, and I missed it.  I missed being everyone’s favorite guy if I do well, and well taken care off.


My biggest worry right now is gear, when I hit 80 I want to be ready to hit the 5 man heroics with a passion, I try to the daily every day, and get the badges, and I am a blacksmith so i can get some decent starter gear, but where do I get some good fresh 80 gear, anything I should be working towards now. Well I got some help from Kurn, Ferraro, and Epic Advice.  But I need more advice, like trinkets I should shoot for? Librams and such for tanking, and healing?  What heroics I should alot for tanking gear to get me up to snuff for raiding?  Is there anything I should be careful with?

Where to go?

Right now my Pallie is on Feathermoon, and no one really likes me there. I don’t know why, I’m just on a holy crusade to destroy RP…ok not that holy…or crusade like. Well I was thinking of moving servers, I was thinking of heading back to Azgalor, and the Brotherhood of Oblivion, but after talking to them, I don’t know maybe it was my perception but it seemed luke warm, I could go to Horde Azgalor, but to be a poofy haired emo elf….I dunno if I could handle the alternative lifestyle, or I can find a new home, wanna play with the Rivs, suggest a US server, and why I should come there, horde, or alliance it doesn’t matter.

Any other bright ideas…

As for the rest of it, sure I got a little ways to go, but I think the mark of a good player is to invest in their toon, and learn to play them the best of his/her ability. So any tips you want to hit me up with go ahead…

Tomorrow Bee will be here to spread her charm on us, like peanut butter on someone’s privates, so I’ll seeya when I seeya….

8 Responses to “My Holy Warrior”

  1. Delerius Says:

    Horde-side Drak’Tharon of course. We’re running a little (or a lot, depending) short of 25 mans and could always use more good raiders.

    And you already know a bunch of us if you’ve been reading around the blogosphere =P

  2. BlindseerJB Says:

    Do you have a second profession?? I know JC is very good for starter trinkets. Also The Black Heart ( and the trinket from the second boss in Heroic AN are good for tanking.

  3. Wow, I must be psychic or something. I swear I had already written my post for today before i saw this. 🙂 I promise i’m not trying to plagiarize!

  4. My suggestion:

    With your first badges by a Libram as that is something you will not be able to get anywhere else.

    When my DK (tank) hit 80 I bought him a Sigil (like the Libram) and then ran normal ToC5. In 4 clears I picked up epic tanking pants, gloves, and trinket (the Black Heart). Once I had those I started queue’ing for random heroics and never had a problem.

    The only problem I forsee is that a DK gets free +Defense from our Rune enchant. You would probably want to make sure you had the 535 Defense needed to avoid being crit. HOWEVER, you would probably be fine with 530+ Defense.

    Oh, and I found your blog via your comments on Foreberance. 🙂

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