Don’t Believe the Hype!

So E3 is here, and besides all the oodles of hardware stuff, the games is what I’m interested in…

I have 3 grades of things when something interests me. Some of these games are for the console only, and some of these games look so good, I might just have to invest in a new console. 

I might check it out….

Hunters Forge – It looks interesting, will it hold my interest. I don’t know.

Halo:Reach – Ok I’m not a huge FPS guy, but once in awhile I do like to Frag a mofo. No scream pleases me more then the girlish scream of a enraged 13 yr old boy over XBOX live.

Fable 3 – I really like games that make you decide morale things….of course I always choose the bad side.

Transformers – I am weary of games that are based off franchises like this. Lets just say I still am seething over the Barbie Adventures mess.

Things that really perked “things” up –

APB – I don’t know just a virtual game of Cops and Robbers appeals to me, or is it the chicks in hockey masks. Maybe a little of both.

DC Online – Ok I’m not a big hero genre fan, but this really had me interested, I didn’t like the cel-shaded stuff of Champions, will I play this I might.

Deus Ex Human Revolution – Yeah it’s Deus Ex, old school awesomeness probably gonna have to check it out.

Yeah there’s a tent in my pants-

There’s a few franchises I’m a huge sucker for, and I’ll probably buy the game regardless, then come to find out it’s crap…I’m looking at you STO. So for these games hop on board my hype train, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. ..

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – The next biggest thing, I dunno, I don’t care.  Yeah I’m there. Playing a Sith.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II – Man I watched this trailer, and it was better then Viagra. The hate was delicious.

So ok these next two games are based in the Warhammer 40k Universe, and since I have a tattoo of a Chaos Space Marine unit from the game, do ya think I’m gonna buy these games?  Let me rephrase the question…Does a frog have a water tight ass?  Yes, Yes it does.

Warhammer 40k Online – Looks like this is some gameplay footage too. Which side am I on? Chaos!

Space Marine – Any excuse to chop shit up with a chainsword.

So there are some of my favs, seems like this year alot of revival is coming back from Donkey Kong, to Twisted Metal. Which is cool to an old fart like me, but nostalgia will only take a game so far. These days the game has to be on point too. Of course the 800lb Gorilla is coming, the expansion for World of Warcraft.  With so much good stuff coming up, I hope for two things, that it isn’t all hype, and I get some more time to play all this stuff.

4 Responses to “Don’t Believe the Hype!”

  1. APB really is very close to a Grand Theft Auto MMO. As such, I have it preordered, which unfortunately does not grant unlimited access to the beta like I thought it did. Crazy fun game if you ever though you were good at GTA.

  2. Aren’t all asses water tight? Well, unless you really jam something up there a lot.

  3. […] “Man I watched this trailer, and it was better then Viagra. The hate was delicious.” River has a tent in his pants. […]

  4. there’s a tent in my pants too… which i am worried about being a girl and all. ;o)
    i am most excited about SWTOR right now since it looks like 40k is still gonna be a while. Both console games look great too though.

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