6 reasons to check out Warhammer Online

Well with Mythic being quiet during E3, I thought I would lend a hand and tell you why you should pick the game up, or maybe even come back.

1. It’s free to start – You can actually play it for free, no real stores to buy upgrades, just play and kick butt. As my Grandpappy use to say, “You can beat a dog, but you can’t beat free”

2. Performance – Warhammer admittedly had some issues here, but not anymore. I play with graphics turned all the way up, ground effects and even when facing a massive horde of scum order, I don’t get laggy. I might get my ass handed to me, but I don’t get laggy.

3. Mythic – Mythic not only listens to their customers, they make them involved. Mythic isn’t perfect but every screw up they had, they admitted it, and rectified it. P.S. Thanks for the Manticore.

4. Awesome PvP – Here it’s called Realm versus Realm, and it’s pretty epic. Especially when you see lines being drawn in the sand, or go charging forth screaming “For the Raven God!”

5. Community– I think in every MMO, you got the asshats. But the good guys vs asshat ratio here is real low. Very helpful, ton of resources, and people will bend over backwards to help you if the can.

6. I play – Come say hi to me on Iron Rock, Destro side. Rivs the Drunkard. I’ve been playing a Chosen, and sucking since day 1

So if your looking for a game to try out, go ahead download it…It’s free to try it!

4 Responses to “6 reasons to check out Warhammer Online”

  1. I’m gonna look you up when I get home. I thought I’d seen a Rivs stumbling around the back alleys of IC, but it coulda been an impersonator. hehe..

    My Shaman Skeever is on IR, and I play him most of the time these days.

  2. shadowwar Says:

    You do like to bend over…


  3. Ooh, I didn’t know that it had a free endless trial 😛


    Thanks for the heads-up!

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