What the hell he just say?

So a guildie of mine asked if anyone wanted to do Karazhan. I was sick of farming Strat, I said sure. So I ported to Stonard (MAGES RULE!). Was sitting by the stone, and the raid leader starts adding more then 10 people. I whisper my guildie who I will call Vajayjay. I told Vajayjay “Did I miss something in patch notes, did they make Kara a 25 man now?”  Vajayjay replies, “Unless we’re both brain dead, nope still 10 man.”

So I go to the Raid Leader, “Umm yea Kara is only 10 man”  The Raid Leader goes, ” We got 20 people in Black Temple”  I just looked at the screen blankly for a few seconds. ” Yea buddy, Kara has always been just a 10 man raid”

I told my guildie, “You do realize we’re pretty much on our own here, we gotta get into our vent…this is gonna be fun!.” 

So pretty much, Vajayjay, myself, and an 80 shammie practically did the whole place ourselves the others we 70 ranged noobs, even the raid leader. They got lost, and it was hilarious. At one point me and Vajayjay just looked at them while they ran the wrong way. These guys did not disappoint.

Except Chess event, I nearly snapped. I can train monkeys to that loot pinata. So when our King got killed twice, I nearly had a seizure. “LISTEN DOUCHEBAGS, THIS IS NOT HARD….NECROLYTES HEAL THE KING, THE KING STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING, EVERYONE KILL THE ALLIANCE KING..YOU FUCKTARDS!”  My guildie was pissing in his pants laughing.

So we finally killed Prince, I got my Achievement. My guildie had to go back to get this book, a hunter from the raid followed us around. So we decided to have some fun at his expense, and led him through a wild goose chase though Kara.

After about 30 minutes of running this hunter ragged, we finally zoned out at the front door. I know we’re dicks.

4 Responses to “What the hell he just say?”

  1. Sepiroth4Life Says:

    It’s possible to lose Chess? lol

  2. So I totally ran Black Temple yesterday for no reason at all, except you are talking up the old raids.

    I had never run Black Temple before and was like an antelope in the herd. All I could see was the ass of the guy in front of me, and I just followed blindly.

    I’m certainely glad we don’t play on the same server lol.

    • theerivs Says:

      These are fueled by nostalgia Bee, In previous years I ran these dungeons literally hundreds of times. It’s like going to a restaurant you took an ex girlfriend or boyfriend to, you remember the good times with them. Even though I had some good times in these places, there was the bad too, even then you laugh about it.

  3. “After about 30 minutes of running this hunter ragged, we finally zoned out at the front door. I know we’re dicks.”

    I lol’ed!

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