Weekly Lagout

Welp another week has gone by, and we had some fun. Bee exploits the exploiters, and I been hitting it old school style.

WoW – Yep Molten Core, and Karazhan, both dungeons I really liked. I wanted to go back in and check them out before Cataclysm. I might head in there some more for Rep be kind of cool to be Exalted with the Violet Eye being a Mage and all. I have a Pally I’ve been working on steadily now for quite some time. He’s about to hit 76, and it feels good to tank again. Been doing Violet Hold alot lately, and man I just keep praying no Voidwalker boss…please dear lord no Voidwalker boss.

WAR – Doing City Sieges, and just not digging them all that much. Phase I I think is the problem.Phase 2, and 3 I like the concepts alot.  I just keep plugging away and hopefully I’ll see RR80…when I hit real age of 80.

Other Games –

Just looking around and see a bunch of meh.

LOTRO is becoming “Free 2 Play”, I’m just wondering when is it going to become “Fun 2 Play”

Age of Conan – Something in me wants to check this out again..I dunno. If I get more time in life.

High Latency Love –

When I think Priests, One word comes up. That’s Jong. I picture him in his long elegant robe, long flowing hair, and pristine looks…but how a guy dresses to play WoW is none of my concern, well check him out for yourselves at his blog, make sure you tell him Rivs the Warlock sent you…I have a taste for Mac and Cheese now.

Seriously though, AT&T (really ArcaneTinkerTank) Has a wonderful series about mages on Murloc Parliament, go check them out…NOW!

Finally The Euripedes that doesn’t suck has a new blog, check him out as well.

Something Funny….

Kinda naughty, and NSFW…..

I’ve been watching Eastbound and Down, and it’s been cracking me up…This is how I play my mage. LOL!

Well with that….


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