The Emperor’s Circle Jerk

So I did another City Siege last night, and I have to say it, that one hallway leading to the Empreror’s Circle, is the stupidest ever. Though I really can blame the design too much, when you have people beating on tanks leaving healers untouched.  Destro has gotten use to the Zerg, and in the new City Siege we have to go back to fundamentels. Well I just feel that hallway is a huge choke point, and too beneficial to Order…

On the bright side I got renown, and crests, and I can always use those.

I’m really excited about some of the upcoming changes…is it sad though the one change I’m really excited about is making your armor appear different. Yeah I didn’t get the titles “Trendy”, and “Fashonable” for nothing. Yeah I’m a bit of a metrosexual Chosen, what can I say.

8 Responses to “The Emperor’s Circle Jerk”

  1. Lol, dude. There’s 3 paths to the Emperor’s Circle.

  2. Yup mate, same with IC too. 3 routes if you use the portals

  3. That picture lol! There are 3 ways to jerk it!

  4. theerivs Says:

    I know there’s 3 ways, but I was in such a fail instance. The Champions of our side were destroying the regular players. GO FOR THE CHAMPIONS, thats how you win.

    Anyway I just hate that hall. That is all.

  5. Best thing is, Order gets 2 choke points (Emperor’s Circle and the stairs before the palace gates) with a multitude of other chokes in the claustrophobic city of Altdorf, while destro only gets 1. 😛

  6. IC got the same amount of choke points like Altdorf.. I don’t see any great differences in the rest of the city..equal number of choke points around.

    • Choke point in IC before the gates? It’s an open area with a bounce back system if you fall down, much harder to AoE there than on the stairs in front of the gates in Altdorf. Also, Altdorf streets are much narrower and if you get caught with your pants down there, there’s really nothing you can do. In IC you can atleast spread out, in Altdorf you don’t even need a magnet/rift. 😛

      • From a healer point of view both are the same. It’s a totally melee/bombing friendly it either Altdorf or IC.

        If you ask me both are quiet healer unfriendly with not much room for positioning and are therefore rather boring/”unfun”.

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