By Fire Be Purged

Little Back Story, I had 2 accounts at one time. I now only have one. I use to have two mages, one Human mage and  one Forsaken Mage. Well today I’m down to one account, with my Horde Mage being my main. My Forsaken Mage really just leveled fast, cause I played Warrior Tank back in the day. So my Forsaken Mage never saw MC, or BWL.

A couple days ago I got a hankering to go see some old content. Well there was a BWL raid going on, that was full of fail. While in Blackrock I decided to get attuned in Molten Core, by the way the shortcut in BRD was way easier with Frost Shields.

Last night a guildie was in Molten Core. I asked him what’s going on in there. He said just duoing with an friend, he asked me if I wanted to join. So it was the 3 of us, a Pallie, a Rogue, and Me. I hopped on Vent. We developed little strats to take these bosses. We got to about Shazzrah when we realized we didn’t have Water from the Hydraxxian Overlords. None of use even had that much rep with them. We just kept going though, talking about old time in Molten Core. Sharing memories of past loot, or stories of difficulties we faced with the bosses.

Well when was time to kill Majordomo, since we thought we needed the water, I just wanted to see if he was there…He was. We must not need the water no more. Thank god cause I didn’t want to make a trip to Azshara in the middle of nowhere, though as a mage it wouldn’t be as bad. So we killed Majordomo, and faced Ragnaros.

Ragnaros is still epic, I still get excited seeing him pop out of the lava, and hear him bellow. “By Fire Be Purged!”  Our tank Rogue died, and it was just me casting Frostbolts like it was going out of style, and our Pallie healing me. The Sons of Ragnaros never popped, I wonder if they still do.

Well we downed him, I got my acheivement, got some gold, bout 15g+ drops off these bosses plus loot, and it was great fun, probably more fun then some regular runs. A little challenging still, but the guys I was with were funny too. I was disappointed though….No Vendorstrike.

Have you gone back into old content? Still have the same feelings for it? Nostalgia, or was it lame?

Next week I’m going to see if I can get a Blackwing Lair run.  Tomorrow Bee is up, and I’m sure she’s gonna rock out with her cock out..if she had a cock that is.

One Response to “By Fire Be Purged”

  1. I just solo/dued most of MC myself. I just wanted the Achievement. My DK tank could handle a bunch of bosses. A few I had another DK with me. For Rag I think I could possibly solo it.. but the first few tries he eventually got me by hitting me with a fireball or two while my big heal was down.. and I was swimming through lava to get back to him.. So I finally duoed it with a disc priest. The sons of Rag do come out but only if it takes you 3 minutes or so to kill him. I went through two phases of them since I was in mostly tanking gear.

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