Don’t make me get my main

An ex guildie wrote this, and Spinks wrote this.

It had me wondering just how attached to your main is?

I mean would you feel totally lost if your toon got deleted, and Blizzard couldn’t get it back. What if you we’re wrongfully banned from World of Warcraft. I feel some people are too attached to their avatars.

How am I attached to my main?

I am, then again I am not, Let me explain firs  how I am attached, I played two classes alot, a warrior and a mage. Back in the Burning Crusade, I looked around and saw either Mage, or Warrior that my toon either warrior or mage was just ok geared, and that I could do better if I concentrated on one toon. I was really burnt out on my warrior, so I kept the Mage. My mage is probably my favorite class, and I associate with it alot more.  In terms of alts I don’t really have many, just one Pally that I muddle with occasionally, because I miss tanking.

So my Mage is my main, like I played mages for a while, we mages are unique in the sense we are squishy, and we didn’t have the tools other classes had for a while. Warlocks were easy mode even way back when. We didn’t have Water elemental in the beginning, We didn’t have an avoid aggro mechanic for a long time either like Invisibility, (We use to have it beta)

For years we were beat upon, we were supposed to have best dps, yet Hunters, and Warlocks would surpass us constantly. To add insult to injury Warlocks took are gear alot of times, weapons Mages coveted were scooped up by dirty Whorelocks right from our grasp. We were also closer to one another back in the day, Mages stuck together, had their own channel in a 40 man raid, Warlocks had their own. and Hunters their own. Most of the time all we did was talk shit about the other classes.

In the end though the reason I am attached to my Mage is the fact that is an extension of myself into this virtual world, it’s how people in the World of Warcraft view me. I’m the sneaky skeezy Undead Mage called Rivzon.

So how am I not attached? 

Well many, many years ago, before the Burning Crusade, I was hacked. Took them some time to resolve the issue. During this time I was physically ill. I felt like I lost a dog, or a sibling, I felt horrible.  Then after a few days I come to realize, hey this is just a game, this isn’t reality, these are just pixels. I don’t feel this bad when Ken dies while I’m playing on Street Fighter, and I played alot of Street Fighter at the arcade…ALOT. So I came to terms of what these avatars are, they are constructs that I apply as much, or as little importance to them. Even though they are extensions of myself, they are not myself.

To sum things all up….

I make fun of Whorelocks, Huntards, Faildruids, and the list goes down the line in a tongue and cheek kind of way, but never do a personal attack on a person like Anna, or sorta of what BRK did, and he even apologized. I worry about people who are too close to their toons, I worry about their mental state. Role Players for one do scare me, they have more of an emotional attachment, and I think that is getting dangerously close to obsession, or even addiction.

So yea sometimes in video games, you got drama, you got problems, but you know what is awesome about video games, you can turn them off, and go read a book. Oh but if you piss me off, I’m gonna have to go get my main.

8 Responses to “Don’t make me get my main”

  1. I think in some ways you miss the point, though.

    Yes, I’m attached to my main. If I’m going to play this game at all, I want to be shooting palm lightning at raid bosses, and I want to do with 9 other people who don’t make me crazy. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

    When I start to get emo is when people WANT me to play, but they only want me to play whatever suits THEIR needs or wants at any given time. I don’t mind doing that sometimes – compromise is a good thing, but when I do all the giving and there’s no one giving back to me? Yeah, it’s frustrating.

    And I’m stuck between and IRL rock & a hard place. My boyfriend wants to keep playing WoW and more importantly, he wants ME to keep playing, and he’ll do ANYTHING in his power to make that happen. But one person willing to try for you when you need at least 10 to do anything that matters just doesn’t cut it.

    Really – what gets me is not that my shaman isn’t going to finish ICC or get her Ulduar drake. What gets me is that time & time again, I put my faith in people and what I end up hearing – sooner or later – is “What you want doesn’t matter to us”.

    That’s the kind of disappointment I can’t take again.

  2. A try many alts in fits of rage, but I always end up going back to my main. I don’t think I have ever dumped my main permanently. I think most of the time I think the grass is greener on the other side, and I roll that class, and realize my main is actually better afterall.

    Is it just I feel more comfortable with my main. Sort of like an ex girlfriend, and a new girlfriend that the whole new stuff is scary, and even though you hate your ex you always go back……

  3. “Then after a few days I come to realize, hey this is just a game, this isn’t reality, these are just pixels. I don’t feel this bad when Ken dies while I’m playing on Street Fighter….”

    I think if I got hacked/blizzard closed up shop, I would definitely be upset. It would more so be for the social aspects of WoW, though. I would miss being able to run BG’s and ICC with my guildies. They are by far the best thing about the game to me. As Krikket said its the “9 other people who don’t make me crazy” that make the game for me.

  4. I’d be sort of lost without my main, but not because of attachment. It’d be more about having to start over from scratch and finishing everything that the old character had already done, and getting all the old gear it had, etc

  5. I dont have a main until I roll another rogue, sure I now have one sole level 80 (a ret paladin) but he doesnt really float my boat enough to get called my main he is more my gold mule mwahahahaha.

    The fact I delete a lot of my toons probably points towards the fact I dont feel connected to my toons but hey I just view it as a game and when that delete button gets pushed its slightly refreshing to know you can start the experience again. (Note I do regret deleting my 80 rogue ).

    I’d be more pissed losing my BoA gear, gold and matts I’ve stock piled for cataclysm than any of my current crop of toons.

  6. […] of warcraft, WoW 0 Chris over at High Latency Life has an interesting post up with regards to main characters in WoW and what connection you have with them i.e. would you be pissed if you lost one or had to delete […]

  7. If I lost Zarii I’d probably quit WoW. I’ve put at least 3 years if not more into her. She’s getting her violet drake this month. I’m trying to level 2 other toons but it takes so much time and I just don’t have a lot of that. I’m attached out of necessity and I just don’t think I have the patience to get another toon to where she is.
    Now would I take bereavement leave, have a funeral, wear all black and mourn for a year? No. It would suck but then I would have an extra $16 a month and I could find a new hobby. Woohoo! Shuffleboard FTW…wait I’m not that old yet.
    Actually I might become aware at that time that $16/month will cover no other hobby at which time I will have a mini break down and spend a few days at the funny farm where life is beatiful all the time. HAHA!

  8. BigFire Says:

    I got 6 years of history with my main… And this year, I went insane and got 126 pets and 123 mounts. Yes, I’m sick.

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