Weekly Lagout

Not a whole heck of alot went on this weekend…

WoW – Just doing the do, building a pvp set, and collecting gold.. BRK spouted off on mages, and he apologized so I gotta give him that much. . Bee wrote a piece on Abe Lincoln, what a great president.

WAR – Didn’t really do heck of alot this week. Just trying to gather Renown. Thinking about new gear as I start heading towards the Renown Rank 50’s

High Latency Love –

Gotta give it to Gnomey, he posted a guest post from me, check it out.  I think he thought I was being misleading, maybe even humourous…but it’s really how I play my mage.

Something Funny…

Unreleased Cataclysm Trailer

Not so Funny, but Cool…

A Music Video by some peeps I like about Trolling.

With that.


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