Baby you’re so new age, you like my new craze…

Technology.  Ever heard of it?  If not, it’s pretty cool.

I can’t even remember life before my IPhone.  On the rare occasions I make it out the door without my phone, I’m constantly given little reminders that it is missing.  What do you mean I can’t immediately look up the height and weight of John Krasinski?? This is bullshit. OMG it’s raining, how long will this last? Ugh.  No I don’t know what an “Abe Lincoln” is, but I can look it up…. Oh wait… FUCK.

Well the technology crack dealers at Blizzard have found a new way to rope me in – The WoW Armory Mobile Auction House.

The other day, I just casually use my WoW Armory mobile app to look up a piece of gear.  I see a notification that I have access to use the mobile AH Beta free for 30 days.  Free?? That’s speaking my language.  So I’ve started using it.  It’s awesome.  It gives you full access to anything in your bags OR your bank.  It immediately loads current prices of items selling  so I know how to price my goods. I’m a tailor and I make most of my money creating netherweave bags.  I usually put the bags up 4 at a time, undercutting the lowest buyout price by about 50s. Since this discovery, I’ve been spending very little in-game time making the bags, sticking them in my bank and then I can log into the mobile AH from anywhere and spend 1 min putting them up.  I can even collect money from previous auctions directly from my IPhone.  So as I rake in my winnings I can then use them to purchase MORE netherweave cloth -using this very same app! This way the circle of life of netherweave bags can begin again.  It’s really quite remarkable.  *cue Elton John*

Here’s my problem with it.  Blizzard has turned into Camel cigarettes.  I can remember in the days when I went to the bar 3-4 times a week, they would have Camel cigarette reps come out and give away free cigarette packs.  All you had to do was provide your driver’s license and an address.  Being a smoker at the time, this shit was too good to be true.  I would even make all my friends give the guy their driver’s license so they could get the free cigarettes and give them to me. It was like getting a free carton. Years later, I’m still getting promotional mail from Camel.  I imagine my generous friends are in the same boat.  It’s genius really though – you’ve got drunken impressionable youth and you are giving them a free addictive product.  Now, it’s your own fault if you get addicted, but I’m just saying.  It’s certainly not the most honorable business.

Well, I suppose it’s my own damn problem if after 30 days I end up becoming so accustom to the new mobile access and end up paying the $2.99/month to keep it active.  It’s not that I don’t have the money, it just that 4 days ago I had no need for this service.  I’ve been suckered. 

Atleast I didn’t buy the sparkle pony.

Side note: IPhone also offers a free app for the Blizzard Authenticator. If you have an IPhone it’s a must download.  Helps prevent hacking, blah blah blah… oh, and you get a FREE CORE HOUND PET mailed to all of your characters.  Worth it.

15 Responses to “Baby you’re so new age, you like my new craze…”

  1. theerivs Says:

    BUY NETHERWEAVE!!!! NEVAH! I go to the Black Temple, the Blood Elves are all lined up and ready to give you their netherweave. When I was in my bag days One 30 minutes farming session yielded enough cloth to keep me in bags for quite some time. Think about Sapphire Spellthread selling see how much they go for on your AH, I’ve been selling them for no less then 200gold, 4 Eternal Fires, Frozen Orb, 4 Iceweb usually costs me 100gold sometimes cheaper.

    As for this App, it’s a nice start. I think it needs alot more functionallity like Auctioneer to be worth the 3 bucks a month.

    And those Camel people, I didn’t smoke but I still took the packs of smokes. I just love free stuff. When I moved recently I found a pack and just laughed.

    I have an Iphone, but I don’t want to use the Authenticator. I get hacked, Blizzard is gonna work for it to get my things back, and it’s not a huge deal it’s just pixels.

    • Stacks of netherweave cloth go for around 5g a piece on my server. The bags sell for 15g on a low day. I just can’t resist how easy it is! But I will keep that farming spot in mind if the cloth sellers ever wise up. 🙂

      I just used the App to check on the pricing and they are selling for 179g a piece. I’ll have to take some time and see what the other mats are selling for, but that’s definitely a lot more monies per item then my bag sales. But the bags never fail. They ALWAYS sell. 🙂

      • theerivs Says:

        Farming that black temple blood elf spot has other benefits.

        Loot – The Greens and Other drops there can be disenchanted for mats which sell to Enchanter trying to level, or do what I do, disenchant green armor which vendors cheaply, and sell weapons. Sometimes you get a Blue item which sells good.

        Rep Items – Books /Signets which sell good for the rep whores, or they got a hot tabard which you might want to turn in the rep yourself.

        There are tons of these places where if you farm you actually get more gold then doing dailies, and it’s more fun. I might just make a list.

  2. I forgot for a second that you’d added a second writer and honestly thought you were commenting to yourself in conflict with your original post.

    I knew you were crazy, but I didn’t think it was that bad, I promise! 😀

    • theerivs Says:

      LOL..that’s great. I’m going to mess with you….You don’t really know, maybe Bee is a construct of mine. Maybe I was like Wierd Science, and put a bra on my head and willed Bee to life. Tell you the truth, maybe it is like some warped Fight Club, cause I never saw Bee in the flesh either. When we start making Soap I’ll let you know though. 🙂

  3. I can’t bring myself to download that app. I fear I will pay for it. I don’t get any work done at work let alone with this app in my hands.

  4. Thanks for the Abe Lincoln link. Knowing not only that someone has done this, but has a name and urban dictionary entry for it makes me ready to stroll over to the interstate and lay down for a nap in the fast lane.

    • If I’ve mentally scarred one person with my post today, then I’ve done my job. 🙂

      • I seriously wish I read more about Abe in school. I must of read something wrong but I always thought someone shot him not Jizzed on the back of his head.

  5. shadowwar Says:

    I miss those Camel reps.

    And smoking.

    I found, if you move a couple times, you stop getting their crap in the mail.

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