Back in the Saddle again

So back in the day I use to be really big into PvP with my mage, to the point where that’s all I use to do. It was the days before Resilience came out.

These days I never really took stock of resilience. How much can it really effect a Mage’s survival. We are glass cannons. survivability. HA!

So out of sheer boredom, I started to put together a PvP set. I think I’m up to around 600 Resilience, and like i said never put any stock into that stat…until yesterday.  I was out in the Eastern Plaguelands, about my farming of Strat. When I noticed some Alliance person was taking the Towers, well they had one tower to go. I decided to lay in wait for my tower taking friends.  Being Frosty Mage that I am, Shield were on, waiting at top of the stairs of the Tower. Then all of a sudden, a DK pops in and Death Grips me. I don’t know instinct took over, and, I blinked, shot frostbolt, and hit an instant frostfire bolt, and the DK was dead.

After the DK death, I stared around. Did I have help? Nope. I was literally in shock I survived, and most like due to my increased Resilience, that and the DK was probably biggest suck of all time.  You know what though I am not doubting Resil. No more in fact I now want more.

After that DK beat down, I felt a rush I haven’t felt in a long time. The Rush of PVP, and I feel like I’m back in the saddle…again.

10 Responses to “Back in the Saddle again”

  1. Good Lord, where do you get these photos??? XD

  2. Should I have a boner when you talk about PvP?

  3. Back in the saddle again?? Ugh. Any excuse for boobs. lol

    Why couldn’t you have used something more like this: ??

    Now that’s some inspiration to melt faces in PVP.


    Oh, and I can’t kill an unholy DK. I can live and live and live and then I run out of mana. I just don’t have the dps. They are the bain of my existance. I was questing in Icecrown and ran into an ally DK. The battle began, and not a moment later my BG que popped. I tried to run, but chains of ice and icy touch….. Nothing more humilating then missing a bg que AND being slewn at the same time.

  4. Did you check the level of the DK? 😛

  5. Nymesis Says:


    Oh and how can you hate Bright Wizards? They are simply bad ass.

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