Weekly Lagout – Memorial Day Edition

Yeah I take the weekend off, and since Monday’s a Holiday…that too. NEH!

WoW – I raided ICC last night. I nice pair of shoulder drop, can’t really remember the name it was level 264, had haste, and hit, and would be upgrade too. Wait a minute I got the bloodmage shoulders, and I’ll lose my 2 piece bonus if I put that on. WASTE of dkp Grrr. Though I’m collecting badges for next pieces…I really have to download RAWR on my new computer, and figure out what the hell I’m doing. On the PvP side I am getting quite a collection of gear, got helm, bracers, pants…working on chest, and shoulders. Honor Chest, with WG shoulders. I changed my frost spec to be more PvP oriented. Having a blast in PvP….Oh fuck Cockulous.

WAR – I went Pink for Tink, I really want to get into more City Sieges, and hope they go better then last one.

High Latency Love….

Bee wrote her first post, I am really pleased with it, and look forward to her writing much more, maybe I can one day get her to play another MMO like Star Wars. We’ll see.

Well I’m giving her some love….

Also Tinkerhell’s story really touched me too, here’s her personal story….Much Love to her, and Mort, hope things work out.

Something Funny….


With that….


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout – Memorial Day Edition”

  1. The spaulders are [Shoulders of Mercy Killing] and they are worthless to mages, the shoulders in t10 are one of the strongest pieces.

  2. ❤ back

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