I love Boobies so I went Pink for Tink

As a man born of a woman, and a father who has a mother (my grandmother). I joke and kid, and tongue and cheek say I love Boobies. Breast Cancer is a serious problem, and if it’s detected early it can be stopped. I love women, and you try to protect, safeguard, and help the ones you love.  

Shadow tells the story better then I do. Here’s the original post.. More of Tinks Story in their own words….

 I applaud Mythic for joining in to help the gaming community help spread the word, and show support for one of their own. The community really stepped up too, where everyone is spreading the news.

So with such a touching story, so for Mort, for Tink, and For Boobs. I went Pink.

Have to say this though…Pink Chosen is fierce… I work this shit.

4 Responses to “I love Boobies so I went Pink for Tink”

  1. Nymesis Says:

    Well Riv I started Warhammer again and I forot how unforgiving the RvR is. At this low level, my Bright Wizard gets pwnd by anyone that gets close to him. *pounds head on desk

  2. […] Here’s my little tidbit as I try to help the cause….Lets’ all go Pink for Tink. […]

  3. It’s always nice to see when an MMO community rallies around a great cause.

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