Now gather round, I’m the new fool in town…

 Hiya! *waves*

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Bee. I’m very excited to be doing weekly posts for High Latency Life. I want to give a little background information on myself so you’ll know where these opinions and ramblings are coming from.  So here you go. Sort of a FAQ of Bee. In no particular order…

  • I’ve played WOW since April of 2009. It’s typically the only gaming I do.  Well, unless you count Chuzzle.
  • My main is a Discipline Priest.
  • She’s been 80 for about 6 months.  
  • Horde FTW.
  • The first character I ever leveled was a hunter who now, at 76, idles in the Sunreaver Sanctuary.
  • The moment I began playing Battlegrounds with my priest (around level 17) I knew she’d be my main. 
  • PVP is what I love, battlegrounds most specifically.  I’ve been working on gearing up and attempting to get better at arena play.  I just can’t figure out how to pillar hump and mana burn at the same time.  I end up not doing either one very efficiently.
  • After hitting 80 I joined an amazing guild that has made the game much more fun to me.  I’ve actually gotten involved with raiding, which is not something I saw happening for this PVP-oriented player. 
  • The third time I ever healed an instance it was heroic Forge of Souls.  In blue PVP gear.  It did not go so well.
  • My guild and I have successfully cleared 10/12 normal ICC 10 and 6/12 normal ICC 25. 
  • I’m a girl in real life. With boobs and everything.
  • I’m 29 years old.
  • My dad and younger brother have always been a big video game/comic book/action figure fans/gamers so I believe that is where my interest in gaming has sprung from.  The first RPG I ever played was Ultima Underworld. I’ve also played quite a few of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. 
  • I graduated from college in 2003 with a B.S. in Business Administration/Human Resource Management.  While there I served as president of my sorority. 
  • I am currently employed as a banker for a national bank in the US.

Any other things you wanna know?  Just ask!

And because it just happened and I want to bring it up…

Earlier this week, myself and a few guildies decided it to PUG a 25 man ICC.  The elusive “last-minute Monday night run”.  Needless to say, it was not the crème de la crème of WOW elite. We wiped on trash TWICE because some hunter had his pet on aggressive. I can see that happening once, we all make mistakes – but twice?? Seriously???

Anyways, we eventually were able to clear through Saurfang.  It was by no means smooth sailing. But I am a total whore for my priest marks.  I need these babies like I need way more answers then the LOST series finale provided.

The only other reason I put myself through a painful 25 man PUG is because I want my own personal Frozen Bonespike.  That way I can bonespike myself whenever I want. Oh, and it’s also my best in slot.

Dildo jokes aside.  For the second time in my history of running 25man The Bonespike dropped.  And for the second time in my history of running 25man I was out-rolled by a mage – This time, a mage without a single gem in his equipped gear. Empty gem slots just sitting there, waiting to be filled with juicy haste and spell power…. *guh*

Yeah, I really need to get bonespiked.

23 Responses to “Now gather round, I’m the new fool in town…”

  1. theerivs Says:

    Dildo Jokes…really? I am appalled. I like to keep it High Brow here at High Latency….

    Ok I can’t say that without keeping a straight face…Actually… I LOVE IT….Your gonna fit right in…except those things. *tampons staring at you*

    I have a question? What the hell is everything in the “boobs and everything” LOL!

    Ok two questions, Why did you decide to start playing WoW? ok 3 Why Horde?

    • brea567 Says:

      Boobs and everything… Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what girls are made of.

      My best friend from college and her boyfriend live with me. He got her started playing WoW and she got me started. Neither of them play anymore, but I rolled horde to start because that’s what they were and I desperately needed start up golds/advice. But in all seriousness… my main reason for rolling Horde? The dainty and fancy blood elf males. Can’t get enough of that eye candy.

  2. Hi Bee!
    1.I have a penis
    2. It fits nicely in boobs
    3. I play WoW naked
    4. I like boobies
    5. I got balls too
    6. I have 3 80’s and 1 is a Priest I’ve played for 6 years
    7. Nother penis reference
    8. BOOBIES!
    9. I’m the nicest troll River has
    10. Talk to you next Thursday boo… I mean Bee 😛

    • Sounds like I could learn alot from you about Priestly duties.

      I’m thinking about reediting my intro post and just copying and pasting this. 🙂

  3. Yay! A disc priest…
    …who has boobs….
    …and makes dildo jokes…..
    and posts on a blog that I enjoy reading.

    Did I die and go to heaven? 0.o

    As a reader and writer in the blogging community I welcome you. But I mostly welcome your priestiness, boobs and dildo jokes. 😛

  4. I like that girl.

    I say she should takes over the blog and Riv do only a weekly post instead 🙂

  5. agreed Kotakh…

  6. I… uh… /stammermoar… yeah.

    I’m just going to press that “Submit Comment” button now, because my grasp of the English language has all but evaporated.

  7. I… ummmmm…

    This is becoming an exercise in futility, for which I am ill-equipped (for said bout with futility). Pressing “Submit Comment” button again.

  8. Legolas4Life Says:

    Maybe now we will get some freakin’ Mario Kart stories.

  9. Dildo jokes and boobies, what’s not to love.

    From another WoW playing girl. With boobies and everything.

  10. Obligatory…


  11. Needs moar boobies and pics of dildos.

    Welcome to the insanity.

  12. River just discovered if he didn’t get a sex change at 13, he would have been a more popular blogger. This is a Twilight Zone episode… Queue freaky ass music…

  13. Love Chuzzle 😀 way better than Bejeweled/Peggle. Okay maybe not Bejeweled *hugs mod*

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