My Ass is on Fire!

Ok I took part in my first City Siege last night. First off on my way a Witch Hunter tried to take me on. I just wear him down, and crush him.

I enter the instance, and there’s like only 10 of us. I thought it cool there was the leader of Chaos, T’char’nzek (sp?) and some other imposing Chaos folks there waiting.  The gate opens, I do one objective, destroy siege, sapper runs out destroys the place. Then I continue forward to the Emperor’s circle.

Roughly about 50 order standing there….oh Poop!.  I’m dead. The next 15 minutes I run around trying to avoid the en masse of Order. One time I see a lone Bright Wizard…a squishy caster, I should be able to take him. He 2 shotted me. 2 Bullshit Shotted me, something ain’t right with that. Really 2 shots to take down a 10k health tank. Thanks Mythic.

So after Phase one I got my crests, I got out of the instance, and wanted to join another instance where I had a chance. Nope got the 15 minute lockout. What the hell? I logged.

I’m not saying it was bad, just my experience was bad. I do have to say one thing Performance was pretty good, no real lag to speak of. I can’t wait to get back in there with more of my Destro brethren and really give Order something to cry about….though one thing next time bring a fire extinguisher.

7 Responses to “My Ass is on Fire!”

  1. Nymesis Says:

    Dowloading Warhammer again. God Damn it takes so long to get these patches.

  2. Yea, they added the lockout timer because we had instances where warbands of guilds/alliance were hopping around looking for the ‘pugging’ instances and or trying to get into the one with the opposition with a good fight. Either way, they added the lockout which is BAD if you are trying to get away from a bombing warband from hell.

  3. lawl, 50 order. City instances = 24v24.

    They are shit tons of fun though, just get into them as early as you can. The first 3-4 instances are usually full of players. After that one side or the other will be OP.

  4. I went into two last night. The first was already started, we were rofl stomped. It looks like a pug nightmare, I mean we had zero chance, not really fun at all. The second one I was in there were zero order, so we just sat around. I guess the good thing is everyone was locked out of loot, so I received a gold bag for every stage.

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