What a long strange trip it’s been…

I think I may be part gypsy, virtually as well as in  reality. I’ve moved like 7 times in my life, and in the virtual world I am quickly catching up.  Spinks posted something asking “How I found my guild”, I thought I would tell you my guild history….

I started playing MMO’s back in 2002 with Dark Age’s of Camelot. I was part of an FPS clan for Aliens versus Predators 2 called Hell’s Elite Legions. A fellow Predator  started a chapter for DAOC, and told me I should check it out. I did. We needed a cleric, so I volunteered, thus Riverian the Cleric was born on the Iseult server. I leveled up with HEL, and met some cool people like Geeno. One person I spent alot of time in the Battlegrounds was a pally called Celyn, she had a pension for dyeing herself teal, and me I liked purple. So we made quite a pair.

Well Hell’s Elites Legion broke up in DAOC after a few months, and I found myself guildless. I saw Celyn she said they could use a talented cleric in her guild Knights of the Red Dragon. I said sure. I joined them. After many adventures the guild imploded due to someone resting control of the guild who had no right to it. So I followed one of the best guild leaders I had Bitaken as well as most of the KotRD crew to a guild called Phoenix Ascension. Where we played happily for a while, where I met alot of great people Byll, Ash, Lestat, SirPerro, Sans, Whynot, Iben, Kain, and many more….. Alot of PA in 2003 went to Midgard, I didn’t feel like leveling another toon, so I stayed and told them I would be leaving PA, and went to Final Revelation for a bit, with my former guildmate Geeno, there I met Sloth, Kev, Jokerz, and many more there.

In 2004, I got into Beta for this game called World of Warcraft, since I loved the Warcraft series, I used to play Warcraft I when I was working in the computer lab in college so much it almost got me in trouble. So this is a dream come true. So I left DAOC, and went to WoW, then when the servers opened I created two toons, Riverian the Priest on Arthas, and Riverien the Paladin on Garona, both Alliance. On Arthas, some Final Rev people played and joined in a guild  called Black Dragon Clan which was a guild on Iseult as well, on Garona played some Phoenix Ascension people, where I leveled the Pallie. PA was fully formed, and Bitaken took the helm. I said good bye to Arthas and stuck to Garona exclusively. World PvP was the thing back then, and PA was one of the best. We rocked the Horde so much they hated us with a passion.

Then Battleground came out, and it changed the face of WoW PvP for good. Queue times for Alliance BG’s were Ridonkulous. So as a guild we decided to move to the Horde. Those were great times, I rolled an Orc Warrior named Rivgorian on Garona, Phoenix Ascension helping each other level, then when we were 60, we rolled the Alliance in AV’s, and then crushed Molten Core beneath our heels.  Then it all came to a halt. Alot of the core PA members got bored with WoW, and went back to DAOC. So PA dwindled. I made a decision to leave.

In late 2005, I rolled a mage called HeatScourge on Thunderlord, a Arcane/Fire mage. The new job I started had a few people play there. I joined there guild called Lords of Lager. As we hit 60, we wanted to raid, so we merged with another smaller guild called Kindred Spirits. A great raiding guild we burned through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ when that came out. Such great people like Legger, Gort, Sleepin, Preventer, HolySchnikes, and many many more.

Then Burning Crusades came, and with it’s smaller raids really put pressure on Kindred Spirits, we dissolved from the pressures and went our seperate ways…

Alot of the Phoenix Ascension crew were back on Garona, so I went back to the Warrior and Tanking full time. We didn’t have the numbers we once did so we merged with a guild called Oppress. The leader of Oppress was a tyrannical despot, so Bitaken left MMO’s for good, most of us left Oppress and went back to Phoenix Ascension, later reforming as a guild called Blight which is still doing pretty good from what I hear. Now as I was tanking, I leveled a Horde Mage. By the time Wrath came I was so sick of Tanking, and everything that went along with it. I left Blight, and made my mage a loner..

In the meantime I started playing Warhammer Online. a bunch of old Phoenix Ascension people went to a Guild called Einherjar, and we had some great times in WAR. Until things started to get bad in WAR, alot left to play Lord of the Rings, while some mergered with an old alliance guild Jaded Souls, whom ironically I ran with alot. I was the only Einherjar toon in a Lost Vale group for Jaded Souls.   

I decided to play WoW again, and a fellow Blogger talked me into joining the Alliance with the New Faction Changes, and I did. I moved my Mage there a dubbed him Frostscourge. I joined a guild of other bloggers called Brotherhood of Oblivion. It was great, and I met some great friends, well we merged with another guild which caused some growing pains, as well as my War on Role Playing goddess Too Many Anna’s I decided to go back to my beloved Horde. 

I was back on Horde side, and before I payed 25 bucks to go back to Garona, I thought why don’t I make a go of it here. I do enjoy a PvP server, from my glory days of magedom on Thunderlord. So I went to the forums, and found a guild that was recruiting. I seen them around, and I wondered if they had any connections to the Black Dragon Clan. They didn’t it was just a coincidence. I joined as a social member, I had no plans to get back to raiding. Well I saw they were hurting for numbers cause of summer blues, and expansion duldrums, so I stepped up and started signing up for raids.  They are some great players, really know their stuff. Have a great sense of guild and faction pride which was what I was looking for.  I am enjoying myself so much that my ideas of going Worgen when expansion comes out are dissipating.

I also picked up WAR again and am playing with Jaded Souls, and having a good time with some old friends again.

Well I guess I could of saved you some time, and told you  the short answer is I always got my guilds through friends online or real life, and once through the forums, and I got lucky with that….but that would be no fun for me. 🙂

7 Responses to “What a long strange trip it’s been…”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    Foe wasn’t exactly tyrannical. He just didn’t have the best people skills. The final straw was a fight with Torkz. Who, of course, we later come to realize is a crazy person.

    I do miss the old Daoc days. Those were the glory days. Glory days well they’ll pass you by glory days. In the wink of a young girl’s eye
    glory days, glory days.

  2. Nice to see some of your gaming history set down in stone.

    Guilds are the bane of my existance these days, so much so I just have a small guild set up for my real life friends and myself. Maybe I’ll recruit when Cataclysm launches but for now it suits us down to the ground.

  3. I tried to snake you into my guild at one point in WAR. WAAAAGH!

  4. Heh heh, neat. I’ve moved like 9 times in my life, and that’s from city to city, not counting moves between individual residences. However, I’ve only really been in two guilds with my main. I tend to just settle in with my characters and just not want to move anymore.

    I just wrote about how my guild went through a merger this weekend though…and it’s a real merger, we even got a new name. So technically, I guess now I’ve been in 3 guilds. Sorry to see how many of your mergers didn’t work out. I’m really hoping ours will turn out okay though, and it should if the smooth process was any indication.

  5. So, I know you don’t like warlocks, but…

    …if there were a baby Horde warlock (it’s not her fault, she’s totally misguided) who grabbed up some baby enchanting mats, any chance you’d make a girl a wand? 😛

  6. I don’t hate warlocks, I just think their misguided 😉

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