These people have huge balls.

I drank so much this weekend, yeah I was pretty much on the same level as the guy in the picture.

So I log in yesterday, and I got a in game mail….Subject was Blizzard, from Blizzrep3429…says I was chosen to be a part of the Cataclysm beta, it wanted me to go to a website which had World of Warcraft in it. Really??  They mailed the wrong guy. These are times being cynical, jaded, and untrusting really pay off.

But I have to say they got huge balls using Blizzards in game system to spread their brand of misery. I doff my cap. Oh that COD I sent back of a wrapped twill belt for 10,000 gold feel free to open it.

Speaking of making some coin….I noticed Frozen Orbs sometimes sell for 15-20 gold on my server. Crusaders sell for 200-250 each, only costs 6 Frozen Orbs to get a Crusader Orb…you do the math.


5 Responses to “These people have huge balls.”

  1. Nymesis Says:


    You still play Warhammer Online right? I used to play it when it first released but went back to WoW not long after. Have they improved the framerates or gameplay since? Thanks.

    • The answer to that is yes, massively, and on both counts.

      • theerivs Says:

        Grim speaks truth. I play Rivs a Chosen on Iron Rock. My Soul belongs to the Raven God. Muhaha. They are alot of improvements to the game performance wise, should check it out.

  2. Wow, knowing that really grates me. Especially since you just know there will be a handful of folks out there who are going to fall for it. These asshats prey on ignorance and the fact they are using the in game system makes me angry.

  3. You mean I really didn’t get in the beta?

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