Suck my Cockulus!

So I got into a heated debate of Occulus today with Rilgon,  He called me a hypocrite and pretty much a liar.

When Occulus comes up in random, I bail. Why? I always hated Vehicle combat in WoW.  I just don’t like it. You drive around have 2 or 3 buttons, and it’s just seems slow. As for Occulus  flying around on your little dragons seems..meh to me. Now I am not begrudging anyone, or Blizzard for trying something different. There are people who like it, and more power to them. I just don’t plain and simple.

Now what about Ulduar. I don’t like it either. Heck the only reason I did Ulduar is for the guild. I am, and always a team player. So whether I like something or not, I will do it for the betterment of the guild. Heck when Ulduar is the weekly I avoid it like the plague. Badges be damned.

As for Wintergrasp, you don’t HAVE to hop in a vehicle to enjoy yourself, I love standing on a wall and raining cold death on my enemies via the spell Blizzard. Occulus, and Ulduar you can’t avoid vehicle combat.

I think Etni put it best, “If you bail, it takes 20 seconds to find someone else”, and “It’s all about doing what’s fun for you, no one is forcing you to come along”

If doing what I like, makes me a jerk….then by all means I am a jerk, and you must not know me too well… Welcome to High Latency Life, They Call me River.

7 Responses to “Suck my Cockulus!”

  1. Yeah! I don’t know about the heated debate, but yeah! It’s your game, your blog, do what makes you have fun the most. I only do Cockulus because I am too undergeared and need the badges. I agree with you tho, that instance sucks

  2. I’ve gotten the blue drake twice from there 🙂

    • theerivs Says:

      The Blizzard Bribe for a fail instance. LOL!

    • ^^that’s the only reason that I stick with Occulus. I’m a bit of a mount whore and haven’t had it drop for me as of yet.

      I always bail on Pit of Saron. Everytime. Have you queued up recently and lost your healer immediately? Yeah, that was me.

      I am partial to the same feelings “It’s all about doing what’s fun for you” and POS is a little slice of hell.

      • I hate that instance as a druid healer. I cannot cleanse disease and the hill before the cave has a nasty disease debuff.


  3. I don’t bail on Oculus, but I groan inwardly whenever it comes up. Stratholme and Old Kingdom are getting close to that as well, just thanks to sheer repetition.

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