New Patch Smell

I love new patches, new things to explore, to do, to fail.

So Warhammer came out with new Patch 1.3.5. Werit does an awesome job in detailing this patch, so check him out if you want the nitty gritty.  Here’s a list of 1.3.5 posts…

I really have to hand it to Mythic the Patching system is quite painless. Though it’s still a patch and takes some time to download. When I get in, all my points are refunded for what? Stupid Teir 3, Gromril plating clone thing.

So I go to the trainers to respec..wait? what? where the hell is the renown trainer? They moved them to inside the Monolith. Son of a…did they say they were going to do that. They most likely did but I must of skipped over it….ok unless it says Chosen on it, I don’t read it usually.

Well with all the goings on I had only time for a couple scenarios, and at least one thing doesn’t change.


2 Responses to “New Patch Smell”

  1. shadowwar Says:

    Yeah, the people who said BW were getting nerfed, didn’t comprehend the full realities of the upcoming changes. Their single target is as godly as Sorcs now, and their AoE only got the slightest of down-tweaks.

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