Comic Book Heroes

Even at a Anime Convention, WoW represents. Glory to the Sin'dorei

I have a bunch more Comic Book Writers I need to go through, but first I want to read their work. So I’ll post about them next week, what I want to tell you about is the next writer I met that really had an impact on me. 

The other Comic Book Writer I met was Russell Lissau, when I first came up to his convention table  he was talking to an aspiring comic book writer. Russell knows his craft, and I was immediately impressed by him. What he said the young man, I think I had a revelation. He said, “You want to become a writer, learn to write. Pick up Stephen Kings, “On Writing”. There are so many rules to grammar, especially the comma. That if you turn in work that doesn’t have good grammar it looks amateurish, and won’t get a second look”  Though I don’t consider myself a writer, I am to a writer what Guitar Hero is to a real Musician. I aspire to be something of a writer one day, as well as to play a real guitar. I picked up the book, and will start reading it….after I finish the comic books I picked up.

Russell’s work includes Batman Strikes comic from DC, and “The 29”, an homage to men who died on the Edmund Fitzgerald. The comic The 29 is really cool, but what real upped the cool factor was the script at the back of it. It really gave a behind the scenes look at how comics are written.

I really look forward to hearing, and hopefully seeing Russell again, I would like to thank him for not only giving me something to think about, but also entertaining me for a while.

People like Russell, Trevor, and others are the true comic book heroes.  The entertain us, and hit the pavement plying their wares everyday. Thanks.

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  1. I’ve read “One Writing” several times and I still suck at it. Time to read it again

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