Chicks Dig My Huge Staff

So last night I hop on to do my usual farming of Righteous Orbs, and boom I get a Ninja Invite. *sigh* Ok what we doing? ICC10. Meh ok, Oh we got to PUG too. /facepalm

We get to work, and things are going way to smooth. Making great time, downing boss after boss. A staff drops, something with an M off Lady Deathwhisper. A PUG Shammie rolls for it, wins.  Now to be honest I’m not a huge loot whore, sure I’m an attention whore, but loot…meh. We keep going we hit Festergut  in no time. We like within an hour almost. Festie drop this Abracadaver.  Shammie rolls for it beats me, but raid leader unbeknownst to me gave it to me, cause the Shaman won something already. So Shammie asks to trade the staff, I thought he won the Abracadaver, and just wanted to give the inferior staff away, so i said sure. Oh wait, hold on Abracadaver is in my bag. Then I looked att he Stats…I said heck no. That Staff is a mages wet dream. Hit, Haste, Summons a corpse dude. Oh it’s mine now Shammie boy. Sure he offered gold too, pfft 350 gold. Ah no.

Then he says, no hard feelings on not trading with him well that’s real nice of him. I guess you roll the dice when you actually roll on loot. You gamble on something now, and you might not get what you want later. I hope that Shaman learned a lesson to be more selective. This morning I woke up, gemmed, and enchanted the weapon. My stats are sick over 1000 haste, now at 2.7 k Spellpower bonus.

I just sat in Org, admiring my staff this morning. It’s quite exquisite.

One more thing Worgen Chicks, I’m not too happy about them, they look alot like Dranei chicks. Lazy Blizz is Lazy! Though I’m sure they’ll love my staff when they see it.

12 Responses to “Chicks Dig My Huge Staff”

  1. I’m weird in that I won’t be caught dead rollling on a staff on my shaman. Carrying a shield provides half of my armor and prevents me from being turned into critter bites. Stats be damned, I’ll stay alive.

  2. Shammies who use staves make me cry

  3. I know the feeling. Currently I have two many weapons. Frost Needle and Bone Splinter, abracadaver, and Sister Svala’s Stick. I’m currently using the Svala stick, but I’m not sure it’s 100% the best choice

    that said, I’m messing with raiding as fire now 🙂

  4. I agree with the other Shamans, I would never replace my shield for a staff on mine. Now, my Rogue could really us that staff 😛

  5. Not liking the female worgens a whole lot either, but I can’t put my finger on why. I don’t think they look anything like draenei chicks though LOL.

    • theerivs Says:

      Look at the legs, and the way the but sticks out on the models. It’s a space goat wrapped in wolfs clothing.

      • Legolas4Life Says:

        It is pretty lame. It doesn’t matter how little sense it makes, Blizzard will find a way to throw a huge human like rack on every creature imaginable.

      • Oh, I guess I didn’t think too much on that. I can see how they’d want to handle it that way with races that have “backwards” bending legs so they remain upright though, but you’re right, that butt does stick out. I also kinda wish they’d have a tail 😛 …but I know a lot of werewolf depictions don’t.

  6. morkuma Says:

    really? you are wanting something to control an otherwise evil creature?

    you will be a warlock soon enough…

  7. Grats on the staff. I have been grieved a few times by players begging and demanding the drop I won/was awarded. I just laugh at them or offer it to them if they pay me a shit load of gold. mwahahaha thats just how I roll.

    Gotta agree with the Worgen females although after seeing the worgen males alpha footage I wont be touching them with a barge pole either, both are too similar to the space goats and the males have a retarded running animation. I’ll be rollin a little green skin me thinks. Time is money friend!

  8. I’ve had the name Worgsteshire saved on a baby gnome mage for some time now. I don’t care how they look. I’m rolling one just for the pun of it.


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