What an @$$hole!

Another Convention Chick

So I am ending my convention, and I notice a bunch of normal comic writers. I use that term in the loosest sense of course. So I walk up to one guy, and go, “What do we have here?” He replies very self assuredly. “Only the funniest comic at this convention”  I look him in the eye, and say, “That my friend, is a very bold statement.”   First thing I notice is the comic is named, “@$$hole” . I am intrigued now, “So what’s it about”  He says, “It’s about a Slacker who plays Video Games, who’s roomate is the girl from the Well in the Ring”

Video Games? Girl from Well?  Sir you got me in your grasp. I find out his name is Trevor Mueller, and he does his own blog, and has a  Webcomic too on that site go check out his work. After reading his stuff he really does have a new fan. I thought it was funny and entertaining, and as a gamer, and slacker….*cough* reformed *cough*, I felt the humor was right on. He was a nice easy going guy, and I look forward seeing more of his work, and hopefully meeting him again. He signed my comic book, “To Chris, Thanks for buying my @$$hole”  I think I cried tears of joy.

I added him to my section of blogroll in the humor section, check his stuff out.

5 Responses to “What an @$$hole!”

  1. Odd I have this post in my RSS But it’s not on your blog yet… Hmmmmm

    anyway, I looked at his blog and looks good canybody that names a comic that is cool with me. Wish I could go to a convention

  2. theerivs Says:

    Yeah the Convention was definately cool. This post is on my blog. You must fail somehow.

    • Well now it is on the Internet. My RSS is time traveling again. The Cubs are going to win the World Series in 2011.

      I’m thinking that comic is based on your life in an abstract way 😛

      • theerivs Says:

        LOL, Cubs ain’t going to win anything the way their playing this year. As for based on my life. sorta if there was more booze, and coke…..cola…yeah that’s what I meant.

  3. Ha ha ha, thanks for the shout out, Chris. It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone else at the show. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the book – and hopefully it lived up to my boasting.

    And if not, then the pages of Susie poisoning her interviewer will. I know I still chuckle whenever I read through the ol’ archives.

    And while it’ll be a cold day in hell before the Cubs win the World Series (I’m new to Chicago, but I’ve heard something about a goat-blood curse?), their games are still a heck of a lot of fun to go to. Or just head to a bar and ignore the game with a cold beverage and good company.

    Thanks again, buddy! I hope to see you again at another show soon.

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