Battletech: Adrenaline Made Fresh Daily.

I can’t begin to tell you of my love for video games without mentioning Battletech. There have been a few Battletech video games throughout the history of the computers. The games though I fell in love with was the Mechwarrior series where you get to pilot your own Mech. A Mech is a futuristic tank, where a human hops in and pilots it. My love for this game started when I went to the Chicago Battletech Center, at this center you would hop into a pod, and battle it out with other people in their Mechs. In the 1990’s these centers closed.

Could you imagine my excitement when I heard that Battletech will be at the Anime Convention, I was so there. When I got to the Convention, I made a beeline toward the Battletech first. So I signed up, my call sign River,  and I had my personal Photographer with me sign up too, her name was  Geekgirl. She had no clue what was going on. We got the crash course of piloting from a member of the team, who was totally cool. The minute I stepped in a pod, what they call the Tesla II incarnation of the Pod.  First thing you notice is the airplane-type joystick on the right, and a throttle on the left. I sat down, and being a big guy I was worried. Plenty of room, and the pilot chair was actually comfortable. The Game started and you had several screens giving you  feedback.  The main viewing screens the graphics were WAY better than the first time I went. More 3-d, and when I blew up my first Mech it was pure awesome. Each Mission last 7 minutes, and it was a free for all. I believe by the way the screens looked I could communicate with Geekgirl but I really didn’t know how. They have packages for more missions, and you get deals. Heck buy 10 missions and you get a pilot’s manual.

After I blew up some Mechs, I had to talk to someone about all this coolness. One of the team members which I believe are called “Mercs” told me I needed to talk to “Propwash”, I was like Oookay. There was this guy deep into a pod with a headlamp, examining a part of the pod. I shook his hand, and first thing he said to me, “Lets see if I can make up some answers to your questions”

We went somewhere quiet, and first thing I asked Propwash,  was what has been happening with Battletech since the Chicago Centers.  He gave me a brief history Virtual World who owned the centers, merged with FASA interactive. Then Microsoft bought them out, and didn’t want the live arcade business and sold it to Propwash.  I was talking to the owner of Virtual World Entertainment, LLC., Nick Smith aka Propwash.  

I have to say I was stunned. I think I froze up a bit. As we talked, He was cracking jokes, and put me at ease real quick. I had to ask him, was he a gamer. He told me he wasn’t so much a gamer, he considered himself more of a collector, and a tech geek. He gave me an example. He said, “If some sold me a cool model, I wouldn’t want the model, I would want the machine that made the model”  Even though he’s not a gamer, I could tell he loved what he did, a passion for his business, and making sure the customer had a great experience.  That’s what it was for me, an awesome experience I will remember for a long time, thanks to Propwash and his team.

We talked about the Pods themselves, there are still some retail centers out there, and some private owners. He said there are roughly 113 pods in existence, and sometimes your able to purchase them, for a set of they run 25k to 35k as is, but if you want them refurbished and good working order, anywhere from 45k to about 80k. He told me at home he has a Whiteboard with the owners names of the Pods, and he eluded that some famous people have private Pods. This got my imagination running. I informed him as soon as I hit the Lottery, put me down for 8 pods.

I wanted to get some feed back on what else is going on for Virtual World, he mentioned bring back Red Planet, basically he said it was a hover craft race, I think I remember it. He mentioned he will be at Origins this year June 22-27th, and at Gencon in Indy August 5th-8th.  I urge you go visit Propwash, and his crew and Frag someone for me. You will not be disappointed.

Propwash also told me that they released MechWarrior 4 for free to the public, I was giddy like a little schoolgirl. Go get it at It is getting tons, and tons of hits. People still love the Battletech/Mechwarrior Universe. As for me, I didn’t want to take to much of Mr. Smith’s time, he was a busy guy. My inexperience as an interviewer had me banging my head later of questions I should have asked him, such as why is his call sign Propwash?  Does he know of any tips he could pass along to players?  Any interesting stories about the players, or his team? Oh well I might have to visit him at Origins, or Gencon.

The whole experience could only be summed up in one way very, very cool. So check it out. Learn more at

I want to thank  Nick Smith aka Propwash to taking time to talk to me, and I hope to see him, and his crew again real soon.

6 Responses to “Battletech: Adrenaline Made Fresh Daily.”

  1. that actually does sound pretty cool.

    • The Pods created by a previous company are in fact awesome.
      Did you actually look into your claim before publishing?
      “I was talking to the owner of Virtual World Entertainment, LLC., Nick Smith. ”
      My friend’s experience was different. It lead me and others to look up these claims on the state’s corporate records and the USPTO records.
      We don’t share your opinion.

      • eBayShopper Says:

        ebay Search: 12-set-Arcade-Tesla-II-Cockpit-Simulators-Collimator-Mirror-Beam-Splitter-C20
        I was excited to see them for sale! Looked at this guy’s site. He isn’t promoting them. Guess he isn’t all that enthusiastic as this article claims.
        Further proof this guy is exaggerating. There have not been 4 or 8 for sale on eBay since so many years before this article.
        The price of 12 are nowhere near what this guys claims.
        So, he is an owner, and proud of what he owns? OK we get it, he is exaggerating.
        It seems that these pods or simulators have been gutted for the expensive optics and mirrors to use in flight simulator trainers. So now, there are less than when this article was published.
        Seems that 12 of these on eBay are like 15% of all pods that now exist?

        Look at Wikipedia, there are only 3 Battletech Centers now that have 8 or more pods. Use to be 7 or 9 Battletech Centers about 6 years ago. That isn’t a good trend.
        Wish more Battletech Centers were around. They were a lot of fun.

  2. I never had the chance to check out those pods.. :/ They would be quiet high in the “want-to-buy”-list if I would win in the lottery 😉

    I extensively played the tabletop game, mechcommander1+2, mechwarrior 2 and 4… and now MW4:Mercs. 😉

    The IP is great and it’s nice to hear that there are still some guys who run this pods.

  3. Mmm… Battletech. I’ve written more than once about it. MechCommander 2 is still my go-to game if I get a vague RTS itch. (It’s also out there for free, direct from Microsoft.)

    I even liked the card game.

    I really wish I could take a ride in those pods. Maybe someday… and it’s good to hear that there are at least some still out there and appreciated.

  4. I started playing BattleTech again recently after finding an old guide book, it’s amazing how addictive and creative that game really was.

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