Get my Geek on!

Here at High Latency Life, I just didn’t want to cover one game, or just gaming in general. Sure I’m an Video Game, and MMO site, but the reason I called it High Latency Life is I wanted to cover things non virtual as well. I want to talk about other things that concern this life of ours. The things that binds us as nerds, or geeks.

Ok I like Anime, I have some Anime movies, but I am not a devote worshipper of all things Anime. So this past Saturday I went to Anime Central Convention, Though I felt like a fish out of water sometimes, I surely had a cool time…Really cool. Over the next couple days I will be going more in depth with my adventures there. From my interview with the owner of Virtual world, the company that owns the Battletech pods, my talks with some comic book creators, also I will be sharing some pics with you folks. Finally like always I love to share my ill gotten good. I’ll be giving away some juicy swag for those who stick around.

I will give you this some of the people dressed up in costumes were awesome. They put alot of work into the costumes, and I have to say I was quite impressed.  I was a little upset with myself, I wasn’t able to land an interview with the voice of Master Chief, but it was a good time none the less.

3 Responses to “Get my Geek on!”

  1. That chick on the right ….. offft!

    Glad you had a good time, I hope you will break down the visit into parts?

    Shame about the Master Chief but hey if you have more photos like the above I’ll be back sharpish

    • theerivs Says:

      I plan to break it down further. So much I have to go through my notes and such. Really excited about the Battletech stuff, and it’s going to be great to share with you people.

  2. The girl on the right is hot!

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