Weekly Lagout

WoW – Well starting to Raid again, and getting into the swing of things. Looks like my Thursdays, Mondays going to be filled up for the rest…of my life. I refuse to do Sundays. That’s prime drinking day. Well I started the Horde with about 500 Gold  . I now amassed over 10k+ and climbing my goal is to bust 20k by Cataclysm. That should be a nice cushion. Though I might even forgo my Worgen, and just keep Maging it up. We’ll see. My hatred of Gearscore grows, and you might say well cause your gear sucks. It really doesn’t I’m between 5.2 and 5.3k. So my hatred doesn’t stem from jealousy, I hate it cause its stupid. I always said Skill > Gear any day of the week.

WAR – BW nerf incoming, I can’t wait. I hate those red haired bastages. Other then that just grinding the renown, my goal is to get to 60+ so I can wear some gosh dang Invader stuff.

Other News….

I am going to an Anime Convention tomorrow. I got a Press Pass too. I am excited. Got some questions written out, and their’s gonna be hot japanese chicks there too. OMG. Remember Riv do not whip out your penis…DO NOT!

High Latency Love…

Goes to Jessika at Pretty in Plate, she is actually a he….and blew my mother loving mind.  I didn’t go there to see bewbs though, I liked how he wrote. Though I always hoped for some lesbian pics with Jess and Keredria, Guess that ain’t happening. But I still have much love for them.

Something Funny…

The Grapist…

With that…


4 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. So sorry to burst your bubble of lesbian fantasy pics…

  2. Small typo but not sure which bit but Invader is 50+ so you either meant 50+ or you meant Warlord, if in fact you are close to 60 and meant Invader then happy days you can go get it now!

    • theerivs Says:

      No I know Invaders spans the early 50’s, like gloves need 51 or something. 60 is the goal cause I know it overshoots the whole breath of Invader. Baby steps Borgio…Baby Steps. 🙂

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