I survived Barren’s Chat

In my 10 man ICC last night I forgot to loot Stinky. I screamed in Vent. “I’m the one who didn’t loot the dog…now what?”  It elicited great comments and memories of the Molten Core days where you would hear someone scream “Loot the Dogs” at least once.

There are things in Vanilla WoW that really bind us Old School WoW people together. One of them is Barren’s Chat. I think anyone who even logged into World of Warcraft, and maybe some of those who haven’t heard about how juvenile, and immature Barren’s Chat use to be. To me though it is one of those things of a bygone era of WoW that have disappeared replaced by Trade chat and it’s Anal jokes.

As bad as it was there were some good times too. One story involves me putzing through the Barrens. I see one idiot spouting off at the mouth. His name Irongiant. I don’t know why, maybe boredom or maybe I drank a little that night. I got in a verbal duel with him over barrens chat. I think mother’s were brought up, some sort of power tool, and an assortment of other choice words.

Well a few weeks later I go on vacation, I come back. Log into WoW, I look at the Guild roster. HOLY SHIT!  Irongiant is in the guild. I go to the Guild Leader. “Hey this guy is a moron, he’s gonna be all sorts of bad.”  The Guild Leader who is one of the greatest I know, said lets just give him a chance. I was “Fine, Whatev”

Sure as shit this guy caused more wipes then Charmin Toilet Paper. He was booted out of the guild as soon as he was found out for the moron he was. His stupidity was so legendary that he became the lowest rank in our guild. To aggravate me, cause I pretty much told the Guild Leader “I told you so” so many times, they dubbed me Irongiant 2.0

Needless to say I do miss Barren’s Chat, and sometimes I just ride out there and scream, “Your Mother is a Tranny Hooker!”

…alas there are no replies these days. Maybe just maybe Cataclysm will bring good ole Barrens Chat back!.

4 Responses to “I survived Barren’s Chat”

  1. Alot about WoW is going to shit lately. Most oldtimers like us are getting fed up with the asshats.

  2. Unfortunately, I had not even heard about barrens chat, being on the alliance side. When I went hordeside to try it out, I got the shock of my life. In that incarnation, it was 90% Chuck Norris Facts.

  3. This is a great story. It reminds me of a guy we had in our WOW guild who was a total moron and always asked people to duel him. Finally one of our officers decided to duel him and told him to STFU. we booted him out of the guild and quickly made a new rule: No players under age 18 in our guilds ever again (he was 13).

    Here’s the write up I did of the birth of that rule, with screenshots of the discussio: http://www.fightontheflag.com/2008/02/18/the-birth-of-rule-7-no-one-under-18-allowed/

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