Sometimes the fun isn’t in the winning or losing.

I will be the first one to admit. Winning is fun. When your down the bosses, or beat the other side in a BG, or scenario. You know what though sometimes it’s not about the winning or losing. It’s about building something.

Last night I ran an ICC instance with a bunch of guildies, and a members practically new pally tank. Yeah his gear sucked big time, but as we are muddling through cracking jokes, giving the pally some tips. Just taking our time, and killing stuff at our leisure.

On the last boss, the  tank just didn’t have the gear, and we wiped… alot, each time tank getting better. We helped with his gear too, got him stuff crafted before the last boss. I donated 3 titansteel bars to his cause.

I found this a real great time…

A. It lets me bond further with my guildies, I’m still pretty new to my guild, and  my new guildies don’t know me all that well. So it’s great to spend some time with them, and chew some dirt. Two thing gel a team winning, and working together towards a goal.

B. Let’s them see my play style, and lets them know I can lay the smack down – It shows them I am a player of quality.

C. It shows that I’m a team player, and that I can be counted on. So next time they need someone, they might go, “Hey let’s get Rivzon, He’s not that big of a douchebag…for a mage”

So it’s in these times when we’re just goofing off, that I really enjoy as well. I think as long as stuff is dyeing I’m good with everything else.

3 Responses to “Sometimes the fun isn’t in the winning or losing.”

  1. i love the social part of MMO’s. I always want to be chatting it up in vent, or guild chat. It makes the game fun.

  2. Silent raids are no fun.

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