I Sold Out!

So I got my writs, even though I said I wouldn’t get that damn manticore, I did. 10% increase of speed is nothing to laugh at, and I took closer look at it, and it ain’t that bad looking. I also like jumping while on it. It does look cool.

Though I was going to get the bottomless chaos black dye, I got the Flesh Hound instead, I sat there thinking. I don’t think I ever dyed any of my armor black…ever. I am to “Fashionable” for that.  Yeah I dye stuff so much I got the titles Fashionable, and Trendy.  I usually like purple, but now I’m in a guild that’s colors are green I’ve been dyeing my stuff various green shades. I figured I would never use that damn dye.

As for the other stuff, yeah their cool to be a skaven, or a skeleton, but the novelty would wear off quick. The only thing about the hound, it comes and goes when it pleases. Like when I’m in the Land of the Dead, no puppy. I don’t get it.

Bottomline, every man has his price, and I think we ALL can agree mine is pretty low.

7 Responses to “I Sold Out!”

  1. I won’t respect you in the morning if you get a sparklepony.

  2. The Manticore is my favorite of all mythical creatures. I’d drop dough to have that mount for sure.

    Wish WOW would wise up and offer something cool like that.

  3. The Manticore is way better looking than the Griphon. I am surprised how many accounts were affected, those winged creatures are everywhere now. I kindof feel bad for the folks that put the time in for the recruit a friend thing, not so special now I guess.

  4. I think it goes bye bye when you are flagged for RvR.

    • shadowwar Says:

      Werit is correct. The hound/wolf will disapear whenever you get flagged for PvP.

      Look at Gaarawarr’s transcrip of last night Q&A session, you’ll notice someone asked about vanity pets doing more. The “no comment” was given in a way that should make you re-evaluate the worth of those hounds.

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