Importance of Being a Team Player

I think in MMO’s one can solo things forever, but if you truly want to succeed in the game, and see all that it has to offer your going to have to become part of a group, whether it’s a pick up group, a regular group, or even a guild.  I think in this ever-changing MMO enviroment, and with things like LFG tool,  that there has been something lost somewhere, that’s why we are seeing alot of shitty PUGs, and alot of bad players around. I think we forgot what it meant to work as a team, that even though we don’t know each other we have each others best interest at heart. Make no mistake this isn’t carebearism, it’s the idea of helping others, also helps each other. Sure it smacks of socialism, but hey so did Star Trek.  

Some things we have forgotten along the way…

Manners – It is said manners is the glue of society. When you don’t have these how can you expect anyone else to treat you right, please, and thank you go a long way.

The Needs of the Many, Outweigh the Needs of the Few..or the One –  This saying was made famous by Mr. Spock in Star Trek, but it’s true. There are many times I gave away a piece because it was a small upgrade for me, but a huge upgrade for someone else. Why? Brings me to my next point.

When the Team does well, so do you – If your team that your on, becomes better you rise with them as a team. Many times I worked through a lot of dungeons with a group of people, then when you finally defeat that last boss, you know how to do it, it becomes easier, and easier.

Sacrifice – Sometimes for the betterment of the team sacrifices must be made, whether they are gold, time, or even saying to the rest of the team, hey we got eight mages, I’ll step down, let another dps that might come in handy in a certain fight go.

Strive for Excellence – Always try to improve yourself whether it’s a gem here, or piece of gear there. Not only that always be looking at ways you can improve maybe your Rotation, or just ways you can tweak your own playstyle. Like in PvP not get to far from the healers.

Being Anonymous doesn’t allow you to be an Asshole. – So many of us figure, hey they’ll never know who I really am. While that may be true. It’s still better not to be an asshole. Sure I am an asshole at times, but I am led to be an asshole by certain situations. If your treated with respect and niceness, give it back. If your being an asshole for no reason at all. SHAME ON YOU!

Use Fucking Common Sense.  – Nuff’ said.

6 Responses to “Importance of Being a Team Player”

  1. How am I suppose to focus on the post when you have. Hot cheerleader about to get spanked. Nuff said!

    • theerivs Says:

      It’s a cheerleader, it’s all about the team. Geez!!! I want to be the Playboy of blog sites. When guys say they read me for my articles in a sarcastic voice, I’ll shed a tear of joy.

  2. Nice Article.

    To me, the solution is to make the levelling curve more difficult and add a harsher death penalty. If you’re levelling in a dungeon with an idiot and he causes you to wipe three times and the penalty is significant, you’ll remember his name and won’t group with him again. Over time, he’ll get blacklisted and won’t be able to find groups.

    As it is now in WoW, unless someone is REALLY bad, you just shrug off a few deaths as no big deal, forget the player’s name and move on.


  3. “To me, the solution is to make the levelling curve “….

    I was thinking about another kind of curve here with the Cheerleader picture… been hard to focus on the topics lately with the latest pictures Rivs puts up.

  4. Thats two bent over women pics in a row. I’m excited.

  5. […] shows that I’m a team player, and that I can be counted on. So next time they need someone, they might go, “Hey let’s […]

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