Just a Word about Warhammer Alliance

I can’t believe Games Workshop would be that big of douchebags to sue Warhammer Alliance.  I am so stunned now, I am completely speechless, but I do say WHA was thee place to go for Warhammer news, when Warhammer didn’t have “Official” forums. My heart goes to WHA, and it’s staff that made that site one of the best. I don’t know I’m thinking of ending my subscription over this bullshit.

4 Responses to “Just a Word about Warhammer Alliance”

  1. Yeah, it is dick move. I feel bad for Mythic. They have 2 dicks trying to rearend them. They should walk out and boycott EA and Games Workshop

  2. Very lame of GW.

  3. shadowwar Says:

    As much as I love WHA (and I do), GW didn’t have much choice in the matter. The site stopped being a fansite when Garthilk sold it to curse. It’s now part of a company that is attempting to turn profit using logos and the IP that are under the rights of GW. Whatever agreement that GW and Garthilk had before does not transfer over to Curse.

    • theerivs Says:

      TO be honest, I didn’t know the whole relationship with Curse and what was going on, but I still think GW’s methods seem a little heavy handed.

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