Weekly Lagout

Ugh Work was a bear this week….Well it’s over time to log out…and do some serious drinking and playing video games, like it was my second job.

WoW – Well it looks like I’m going on some raids with my new guild, summer, and lack of numbers mean…I’m raiding now. Which is cool I love helping out, but I didn’t want to get sucked into hardcore. Might not be able to avoid that. One thing when you go on raids, might want to read up on your guilds DKP system. LOL!  Everyone was asking me if I was going to bid on something. I was at a loss. I was like nah. It was a nice neck from ICC, but nothing that will break me if I don’t have it. I’ll be more prepared next time.

WAR– Well the writs came out, I gotta go check in and see what that’s all about. Thinking the pet, and some Bottomless Chaos Black Dye. The Manticore mount, look meh. I don’t enjoy riding on something, I really like looking at…sorta like your mom. BOOYA!

Other Games…Didn’t really get my teeth into Starcraft 2 this week cause it’s been nuts. LOTRO, and Cryptic sending me stuff to come back. LOTRO is a no simply cause it’s not for me, and Cryptic can suck a..well you know what. As for Age of Conan, I kind of do want to check it out again….we’ll see.

High Latency Love.

Some people need some love….

WASDstomp I feel for him Mythic is giving away awards that we hard to garner in the first place like their nothing, kind makes all that hard work futile. One thing though….BOTTOMLESS DYE!

Spinks got the blues, and I with her on this one, but if you played WoW in the summer before an expansion this is nothing new. Nothing at all.

I just found out Grinding to Valhalla closed it’s doors. Randolph Carter did a fabulous job interviewing bloggers, and writers. Though I did not check in with it as often as I should it was a great site, and will remain on my blogroll for as long as I write this blog in honor of what a great site it is. I was greatly honored when Mr.Carter asked me to do an interview, and still am honored. I am saddened by it, I hope Mr. Carter moves on to bigger and better things, much love to him. Take Care.

Something Funny….

Yea I could use a few pounds, and nothing like sitting in a circle with a bunch of friends shedding that weight. My New Workout Plan…

With that….


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. You may think twice about the mount. If you don’t have one it is a good investment. It is faster than any other mount in the game, and less likely to be knocked off with damage.

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