Another Blow to Faction Pride

I played MMO’s for quite some time now, and one thing I always enjoyed is taking pride in my current realm of choice. When I played Albion, I played it with all my heart, when I played the Horde, I was Horde all the way through, well I hoped there would be alot of Klingon pride in Star Trek Online, well that fricking blew away in a puff of smoke. and now my last bastion of pride. Destruction on Warhammer is being threatened. .  Sure I played as Midgard, and Alliance at times, but when I played those factions I belonged to that realm with all my heart. The thing is I never flipped flopped.

Now the best list of pro’s and cons Werit does a fine job in telling them, so why reinvent the wheel.  My problem is in a game where I felt the most Realm/Faction Pride it will soon be diminished.  Will the servers blow up, no. Will the game be any less fun, most likely not. It’s just one aspect of a game, based on a war between factions that it loses some of it’s flavor if you can play as any faction on that server.  Perhaps this is the new way of things, and I am but an old relic of an old age of MMO’s, but  I will miss the days, as I do with World of Warcraft, when the people I shared the battlefield with went through the same trials and tribulations I had, and the one common factor we both had. We hated our enemy.

6 Responses to “Another Blow to Faction Pride”

  1. You forgot the link to the suggestion thread to drop this change from 1.3.6

    It has a fairly strong following already, LOTS of kudos/post.


    • theerivs Says:

      Thanks Grim, I can’t get to the forums…I’m supposed to be at *cough* work * cough* lol!

  2. Amen, mate. I know my group and I are planning on staying the course with our Destro toons.

  3. I plan on killing people on Order side that have pissed me off. I am like an elephant I never forget. If you notice a certain SH killing you over, and over you will know it is because I hate your f’ing guts.

  4. Legolas4Life Says:

    I remember waking up at like 2 am just to participate in a relic raid. Unfortunately that douche Silvercloak decided to run us all through a dungeon on the way. By the time we exited, all the mids had woken from their own slumber to bitch slap us back to sleep sans relic.

    • theerivs Says:

      You dare mention him, next time you mention that douche Silvercloak on my site, and I’ll ban you. LOL!

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